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What is the Astrological Sign of Justin Bartha?

Justin Bartha was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on July 21st, 1978, which makes him a Cancer. Cancers are known for their immense compassion and love of home and family, as well as their intense emotional complexity. They’re often incredibly intuitive and sensitive to subtle changes in their environment, and many have a need for solitude in order to recharge. Justin’s sign of Cancer likely had a great deal to do with his creative career, as Cancers often make excellent writers, musicians, poets, and artists due to their often deeply sympathetic outlook.

Justin was born into a Jewish family and moved with his family to West Bloomfield, Michigan when he was a young child. He has credited his family for being a major source of inspiration and motivation throughout his life, which again could be tied back to his astrological sign. Cancers are known for their strong bonds with family and home and an intense capacity for empathy and understanding. His family likely encouraged him to follow his dreams and pursue his passion for acting, which, after attending university and studying directing and acting, he did.

Justin took his first steps into the entertainment world in the early 2000s, starring in a number of independent films before eventually landing his big break in 2001 with the role of Riley in the starring role in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Wedding. He followed it up with a string of successful films, including the National Treasure franchise, where he portrays the character of Riley Poole. He is also well-known for his roles in Fox’s New Girl, as well as the recently cancelled HBO comedy series Young Rock.

Justin’s Cancerian emotional nature and desire to be a part of something bigger is likely what has drawn him to so many of his film and television roles. Cancers are deeply thoughtful, intuitive, and attuned to the emotional nature of the people and work they do, and Justin has expertly used these gifts throughout his career.

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Although Justin has found widespread success in Hollywood, through it all, his family has remained an important source of support. His parents, brother, and extended family have always been supportive of his decisions and Justin credits much of his success to them. The astrological nature of Cancers and their desire to hold on to those close to them is evident in Justin’s own journey and family values.

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