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What Star Sign is Katherine Heigl?

katherine heigl zodiac

Katherine Heigl was born on November 24th, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarius people are known to be extremely optimistic, extroverted, and enthusiastic. They are outgoing and love to explore, making them ideal explorers and adventurers. They are also incredibly open-minded, great communicators and optimistic, which makes them highly social and outgoing.

Katherine Heigl was born and raised in Washington D.C, although her family had moved to Connecticut when she was a teenager. She rose to fame when she starred in the hit television drama series, Grey’s Anatomy, and has since appeared in a slew of movies and TV shows. She is an inspiration to many, often crediting her success to her strong work ethic.

Katherine Heigl is no stranger to awards and recognition. She has been nominated for and won many awards from both the Primetime Emmy awards and the Golden Globe Awards. She has also been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the drama feature, Knocked Up. She founded her own charitable foundation in 2009, called The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, which helps to protect animal rights and to reduce animal euthanization and cruelty. Katherine hopes to use her platform to bring awareness to the issue and advocate for improved animal welfare.

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