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What is the Astrological Sign of Kevin Carter?

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Kevin Carter was born on September 13th, 1960, making him a Virgo. Virgos are generally analytical, discerning, and detail-oriented. Their natural desire for perfection can often hold them back from completing tasks. In addition to their careful precision, they are often fiercely independent, reflective, and kind, but shy when it comes to opening up to people.

Carter grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, as the son of a professional chemist and part-time businessman. Although he was never much of a student, Carter was fascinated with his two uncles who documented the African bushveld and its wild kingdom with a camera. Following in their footsteps, he bought his first camera at the age of 16 and fell in love with documenting the people and wildlife of South Africa. Working as a laborer for the rest of his teen years, Carter was able to afford his first professional camera by age 19.

In 1984, Carter made the bold move to try his hand at freelance photography. He drove from Johannesburg to the Angolan and Mozambican borders, capturing incredible photos along the way. His natural skittishness and discretion allowed him to move undercover and without suspicion, even when the scenes to be photographed were incredibly tense. He soon became one of the region’s most sought-after freelance photographers.

Carter is most noted for a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken during the Mozambican famine in 1993. The picture shows a vulture lurking behind a Sudanese girl who is taking a break from her grueling efforts to gather food, exhausted from her struggles to survive in the barren landscape. Carter said of the photo, “Although I have been witness to poverty all my life and witnessed life and death, this was a completely new level of misery.” He was criticized for taking the photo rather than helping the girl, but Kevin’s reported response was that he had already done all he could for her in terms of financial assistance and that the photo was his only way of bringing attention to the heart-breaking realities of famine.

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The dedication to his craft that Virgos are so known for was key to Kevin Carter being able to take the photo. Although it was an emotionally testing experience, he was disciplined enough to stay focused and was able to capture an incredibly poignant photograph that earned him the Pulitzer Prize. His level of diligence, attention to detail, and independence fits perfectly with the Virgo’s reputation and is testament to the power of his drive and ambition.

As an individual, Kevin Carter represented the kindheartedness Virgos are known for in the way he was generous to the people of the region when given a chance to help out with food and resources. He also utilized his anxiety and shyness, which is so common in Virgo and can be a hindrance otherwise, in a way that allowed him to blend in and move around his subjects without detection.

Kevin Carter’s story of success and ambition encapulates the Virgo sign and its qualities perfectly. His drive for perfection compelled him to strive for greatness, while his introversion and selflessness allowed him to move inconspicuously and give back to his subjects in a meaningful way. In the end, he was able to leave an incredible mark on the world with his Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph and bring attention to the tragedy of famine in the region.

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