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What Star Sign is Kevin Kline?


Kevin Kline is born on October 24th, delivering him a sun sign of Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be intense, independent, and secretive individuals that tend to possess a strong will that can be hard to sway. They are passionate and determined, traits which can lead them to being experts in the fields of finance, law, science, and research due to their observant nature.

Kevin Kline was born in St. Louis, Missouri and was an avid theater enthusiast from an early age. He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Fine Arts and was quickly swept up into professional acting in the late 70’s. Kline’s intense mysteriousness earned him quick recognition on stage, and over time he would perform many memorable leading roles in films such as Silverado, A Fish Called Wanda, andatcher. Kline’s will power stems from his childhood where he was often asked to take on roles of authority to his younger brother David and take him under his wing. This authoritative role was supportive in a quiet but meaningful way, and his independent nature would soon lead him to becoming a star.

Kline’s determination has served him well, leading to numerous awards and an Oscar. However, his independent and secretive nature was brought to light when he was two times nominated and two times passed over for a role in the same play, causing him to go off and pursue roles on his own terms. Kline’s will power is a direct relation to his Scorpio sun sign; while passionate and strong minded when it comes to his own opinions and thoughts, his loyalty and love for his craft can never be questioned.

When Kline isn’t performing in films, he serves as a passionate teacher to his students and children at home. Though often internalizing his thoughts and beliefs, Kline uses his helpful, secretarial nature to lend his expertise to students as well as his close friends. His Scorpio sun sign serves as a magical and protective energy, both in his personal and professional life, allowing him to work with precision and focus on any task assigned to him.

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Kline’s Scorpio sun sign serves as a strength and a reminder to be brave and pursue his passions no matter what obstacles come his way. Every Scorpio’s unique traits and determination has helped him excel in his craft, allowing him to hone and fine tune his talents to become the master of ceremonies that he is today. Kline’s Scorpio sun sign has given him the will to strive for excellence and always achieve his goals.

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