What is the Astrological Sign of Kim Il-sung?

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What is the Astrological Sign of Kim Il-sung?

Kim Il-sung was born on April 15, 1912 in the city of Mangyongdae, North Korea, making him a native Aries. For those unfamiliar, Aries, the head of the zodiac, is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the god of war. It is a sign that is dominated by energy, aggression, strength and a natural assertiveness that drives others to follow them. This is perhaps no better exemplified than in the achievements of Kim Il-sung.

Growing up in present-day North Korea, not much is known about Kim Il-sung’s childhood, only that his parents strongly believed in freedom and often discussed politics in the home, particularly about the fight for national liberation. This was a sentiment shared by many of his family members; his father was a noted anti-Japanese guerrilla fighter and two of his brothers fought with the Chinese Communist forces. This patriotism and drive for freedom and self-determination likely formed the basis for his own views on politics and conflict.

Of course, one of the main traits associated with Aries is ambition, as the sign is seen to have an innate leadership orientation. This certainly rings true for Kim Il-sung, who was elected the leader of North Korea in 1948 and wasted no time in making his presence known. He sought to modernise the country, creating ambitious plans for industrial production, agriculture, military defence and education, all of which he oversaw and implemented. He also formed alliances with communist China and the Soviet Union, which secured North Korea as a key player in the Cold War and solidified it as a valid power in the international stage.

Kim Il-sung even won the hearts and minds of his countrymen, becoming the unquestioned leader of his beloved nation. Through a combination of social policies, mass media campaigns and military might, he proved himself to be an inspiring leader for the independent people of North Korea. As the fire of Aries is known to burn strong, this fuelled the nationalist pride and fervor amongst the North Korean people.

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Kim Il-sung was clearly a man of great ambition and determination, and this certainly is corroborated by his zodiac traits. This is exemplified by his drive for national independence and international recognition, as well as his ultimate success in rising to become the leader of his nation. Kim Il-sung was a true Aries, and the fact that his sign is strongly associated with the ideals of patriotism and heroism further attests to how fittingly this sign fits with his character. His natural trait of assertiveness and drive saw him rise to power and achieve his goals, all the while inspiring his people to strive for greatness.

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