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In What Astrological Sign was Kristin Davis Born?


Kristin Davis was born on February 23, 1965, making her an astrological Pisces. Typical of traditional Pisces, Davis is deeply creative, sensitive and intuitive, and has strong compassionate and empathetic qualities when dealing with both people and animals.

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Davis grew up with a strong affinity for art, writing poetry and stories from an early age. This early creativity was driven by her Piscean intuition, which was her guide at a young age and one which she continues to follow even to this day. She spent much of her time in nature, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and finding her connection to the Earth and its wonders. After moving to Virginia to attend college, Davis pursued a degree in theater, and by1987 was appearing in Broadway plays with the support of her creativity and her Piscean sensitivity.

Showing her Neptune-controlled Pisces energy, Davis has always had a strong and sustaining focus on causes for animal welfare and has been a long-time supporter of animal advocacy. From traveling to rural African villages to vaccinate animals to raising money for spay-neuter programs in poor neighborhoods, Davis’s compassion for animals is deeply driven by her intuitive insight into their suffering. Her acts of generosity and altruism, with her signature Pisces depth, stem from a cause which she deeply cares for.

Davis’s rise to fame and success as an actress began in 1994 with her iconic role in Sex and the City as the conservative yet independent Charlotte York, for which she won a Screen Actors Guild award and received numerous Emmy nominations. Right away, we can see a direct tie to her Piscean nature; Davis has a demonstrated naturalness and sincerity when it comes to her craft, and this draws from the intuitive, imaginative and creative aspects of her sign.

In addition to her TV work, Davis is also known for her advocacy and activism for vulnerable communities such as children and those with very low incomes. Much like her compassion for animals, Davis channels her Pisces need to help and understand the suffering of those around her by campaigning and fighting for their rights. Not satisfied with the success of her career, Davis is continuing to grow and use her empathetic Piscean qualities in order to help her causes.

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The typical traits of a Pisces such as depth, intuition, creativity, sensitivity and humility resonate strongly within Davis’s life and have shaped her into the compassionate person she is today. Her deep feeling for animals, her success as a well-known actress, her commitment to charity and environmental causes, and her spirituality combine to make Davis an example of the best of what Pisces can be. With her deep-seated need to help others, Davis uses her sign’s energy to help make a tangible difference in this world and to fight for the causes she is passionate about.

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