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What is Kurt Russell’s Zodiac Sign?

Kurt Russell was born on March 17th, 1951, making him a true Pisces. People born under the sign of Pisces are said to be sweet, intuitive, and sensitive. This can certainly be seen in the life and work of Kurt Russell; his career, as well as his childhood, was permeated by a real strength of feeling and emotion which has made him an enduring Hollywood icon.

Kurt Russell was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, to a one-time ballerina and a Major League Baseball player. His early life was steeped in the worlds of both art and sports. He was especially close with his father, and would often accompany him to the locker room, providing vital glimpses into the world of professional sports – a world which had a profound effect on his later life and career. In addition, his mother’s lengthy involvement with dance and the stage provided Russell with a visible inspiration when it came to the world of acting.

Russell first displayed his on-camera talent in 1965, appearing in the fan favorite “Swingin’ Along”. However, it wasn’t until 1979 that Kurt Russell finally started to gain widespread recognition in Hollywood, starring as a stuntman in the classic “The Program”. After this role and a number of others, Kurt Russell finally saw his career skyrocket in the 80s, when he starred in movies like “Escape from New York” (1981), and “Big Trouble in Little China” (1986). These iconic performances firmly entrenched Kurt Russell as a big name in the Hollywood film industry.

Many have noted the gentle and giving nature of Kurt Russell as key to his success. Rather than attempting to break through the Hollywood crowd with a hard and showy persona, Russell seemed to rely on his natural sensitivity to guide him into acting success. This is a trait that’s shared with those born under Pisces. Sensitivity is a key part of their personality, as is their willingness to give of themselves without the need for reward. This was particularly evident in Kurt Russell’s gentle and dedicated fathering of his son, actor Wyatt Russell.

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Kurt Russell is without a doubt one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, and it’s easy to see how his gentleness, charm, and willingness to give of himself has made him an enduring celebrity. It becomes clear too, that Russell’s hold on the Hollywood industry can likely be chalked up to his innate Piscean qualities; his intuitive understanding of the movie industry, his gentle influence on others, and his empathy and dedication are a testament to his signs strong yet understated traits.

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