What is Laura Pausini’s Zodiac sign?

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What is Laura Pausini’s Zodiac sign?

Laura Pausini, the Italian songstress who has been releasing hit songs for over 25 years, was born on May 16th, 1974 in Solarolo, Italy. This makes her sign the zodiac Gemini, which is governed by the planet Mercury and symbolized by the Twins. Those born under this sign are known to be intensely curious and endowed with a wide range of interests, meaning that Gemini’s often like to pursue a multitude of paths which can lead to them becoming master of many trades. Those born under this sign are communicative, fun-loving, and often switch between moods quickly, reflecting a mercurial temperament in both body and mind. They enjoy social gatherings and are sociable and gregarious in nature.

As a Gemini, Laura Pausini has clearly always excelled in communication and conversation, which is a huge asset in her field as a singer and songwriter. Growing up surrounded by music and various different styles, her style began to form at an early age. She loved a variety of performances from Carmen Consoli’s acoustic ballads to Claudio Baglioni’s soft-rock, offering her a complete overview of Italian styles.

By the age of 18, Laura had won her first Sanremo Music Festival – Italy’s most important songwriting event – for her song La Solitudine. This major win proved to be the very beginning for her long and successful music career, achieving worldwide fame with her 14 studio albums (with another slated to be released soon) and five greatest hits albums. Her success is reflected in the various accolades and awards she was awarded in her career, which included record-breaking numbers of awards from other countries as well.

The ability that the sign of Gemini has of being able to quick switch between emotions and moods is clearly one of the primary traits that have helped Laura achieve such success. With her versatile nature, she is comfortable to switch to a variety of different styles and melodies that can be tailored to both Latin and English-speaking audiences alike, granting her a larger success range.

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Furthermore, her genes along with the sign of Gemini has gifted her a talent for languages, which has allowed her to target markets in various regions. While she started off by writing songs in only Italian, she gradually skilled up her music game by learning Spanish and English as well, a quality that was essential for her to captivate both Italian and Spanish-speaking audiences one and also showcase her French and Portanuese talents..

Overall, the sign of Gemini has clearly been a boon for Laura, as her versatility and communication skills set off all her major achievements even though, throughout all her success, something remained constant: her sparkling personality, bubbly character, and contagious energy. This is credited to her sign of the Twins – Gemini – which certainly is an advantage for everyone born in its sign.

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