What Is Laurence Olivier’s Zodiac Sign?

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What Is Laurence Olivier’s Zodiac Sign?

Laurence Olivier (born 22nd May 1907) was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Those born under Gemini are curious, flexible, adaptable, have an ability to quickly assess situations but can sometimes be a bit erratic and scattered in their approach. This trait was very evident in Oleivier’s life whose acting and directing career was filled with great successes but also challenging moments.

Laurence Olivier grew in a family of modest means, his father and grandfather both being Anglican priests. He was always passionate and deeply committed to acting, deciding when still only a teenager that this would be his life’s career. As a Gemini, he was deeply influenced by the works of Shakespeare, William Blake and John Keats which he read as a youngster and had an ambition to perform at the Old Vic theatre. In 1930 Olivier joined the Birmingham Repertory Company starting his professional acting career at only 23.

These early years of his career taught Olivier to be an amazingly versatile actor, playing a variety of different roles, ranging from comedies to tragedies. That made an immense contribution to his later success as an actor. Although at times his performances were erratic, Olivier had an ability to transform himself into a character in a matter of hours, literally becoming the character, something which earned him much critical acclaim.

This Gemini trait was a perfect fit for Olivier’s ultimate ambition – to become a classic actor, one of the “greats”, and so he set his sights on the prestigious stage of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or as it’s now referred to, the New Globe Theatre. Over the years he perfected his roles in such plays as Henry V, Julius Caesar, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet and Othello. Later on, his filmed version of Henry V earned Olivier international recognition and his first Academy Award for Best Actor in 1946. He continued to win acclaim for his later movies including Richard III, Wuthering Heights, and Rebecca.

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Olivier was also a gifted director, winning another Academy Award for a 1967 documentary about the life and works of Charles Chaplin. His directorships included acclaimed theatrical releases and television films, directing his wife Vivien Leigh in two phases of his career. His appetite for adventure, his drive and ambition likely being enhanced by his Gemini Sun sign.

Overall, Laurence Olivier was a film and theatrical actor and director of incredible talent and skill. He had an excellent ability of becoming the character in a very short space of time, his Gemini traits of curiosity, adaptability and quick assessment of situations all no doubt aiding him in his successes throughout his illustrious career.

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