What is Malcolm Young’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Malcolm Young’s Zodiac Sign?

Malcolm Young, the guitarist, songwriter, and co-founder of the superlative rock band AC/DC, was born on January 6th, 1953 and is a Capricorn according to his zodiac sign. The sign of Capricorn is symbolized by a goat, and is ruled by discipline, practicality, thick-skinned ambition, and, yes, some stubbornness. Traits like ambition, hard work, and determination are all key to Malcolm’s success, plus that incredible drive to keep creating and innovating in the face of personal and professional obstacles. Malcolm was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and having grown up in a musical family, it’s no surprise that he spent his time as a teen forming a few rock bands before eventually joining up with the members of AC/DC. Capricorns’ ambitious streak can lead them to seek power and fame, so it’s no wonder that Malcolm was the perfect fit for the group.

Malcolm’s signature riffs and powerful rhythm guitar playing were an undeniable force behind AC/DC’s success, and his talent and hard-working mentality helped the band rise in popularity. His career was marked by consistency and of course the drive that comes from the sign of Capricorn. Taking cues from childhood inspirations like Chuck Berry, Malcolm’s riffs enabled AC/DC to define the hard rock/heavy metal sound that is a favorite in households all over the world today. His never-ending drive to create new music and keep the band alive allowed AC/DC’s sound to remain fresh and relevant.

In addition to his achievements with AC/DC, Malcolm’s influence was also felt in the production of two indie movies, Dog Eat Dog and Let There Be Rock. Malcolm’s connection with Capricorn is also evident in the hard work and dedication he displayed in the face of personal obstacles. After being diagnosed with dementia, Malcolm retreated from the public eye and worked away in his home studio as the band’s behind-the-scenes mentor. All of this is a testament to Malcolm’s hardworking, no-nonsense mentality as a Capricorn – no matter what situation he was faced with, his ambition to see things through never wavered.

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Malcolm Young was an invaluable part of the success of AC/DC, and his hardworking nature and resilient ambition enabled the band to become one of the most popular rock bands of all time. Malcolm was able to draw strength from the stubbornness of the Capricorn sign – traits like drive, consistency, determination, and ambition are all beacons of his success and help to prove why he is a perfect example of what the sign of Capricorn represents.

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