What is Marco Polo’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Marco Polo’s Zodiac Sign?

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Marco Polo was born on September 15th and is a Virgo. Those born under the Virgo sign are typically known to be analytical, hard-working and organized. They are also known to be quite modest and prefer to oversee projects rather than be in the spotlight.

Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice, Italy. He was an inspirational explorer and merchant who set out to explore and map the Far East. Part of a merchant family, he took over the family business at an early age and decided to join an expedition to China in 1271. From there, he ventured for over 24 years, traveling through Central Asia and the Middle East and all the way to Mongolia and China. During these travels, he became the first foreigner to explore many parts of the land and to document his observations. He wrote of his exploration in his book, “The Description of the World”.

His travels changed the world’s knowledge of the Far East, opening up possibilities of trade, travel, and communication. Through his accounts, he provided a great cultural exchange between East and West. He has been credited with helping to extend economic links between Europe and Asia. After returning home, he continued to write and speak of his journeys, inspiring later explorers. His accomplishments are remarkable and he is still celebrated today as a great traveler and an adventurous merchant who shaped East-West relations.

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