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What is the Astrological Sign of Marlee Matlin?

Marlee Matlin was born August 24th, 1965, making her a Virgo. In astrology, Virgo is known as the sign of the Virgin. It symbolizes purity, truth, attention to detail, and service to others. Virgos are said to be able to draw out both the best and the worst in those they come in contact with, while possessing a keen inner awareness. Those born under the sign are said to be analytical, organized, and possess a desire to help and serve.

It is no surprise that Marlee Matlin, winner of the 1986 Academy Award for Best Actress, is a Virgo. Worried that her childhood hearing impairment was an obstacle, Matlin was determined to make a name for herself. Growing up in Morton Grove, Illinois, Marlee felt different and out of step. She was inspired to join her school play by her mother, who saw it as a way of giving Marlee the chance to find her place in a hearing world.

Over the span of Marlee’s career as an actor, she has worked on stage, television, and film. Her most notable role was her first major feature film role in “Children of a Lesser God” for which she won an Oscar. Her work as an advocate for the disability community has been a source of inspiration and hope. Marlee is an example of a Virgo’s attention to detail, organization, and giving back. She has served on the board of the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation and the American Women’s Association. Her advocacy in Hollywood led to the formation of the Screen Actor’s Guild Task Force for Hearing Impaired and Deaf Actors. In April 2006, Matlin was named the National Children’s Literacy Ambassador by the library of Congress.

This is only a small representation of the powerful impact that a Virgo can have on the world. Marlee Matlin’s Virgo energy is responsible for her fierce determination to succeed, as well as her immense capacity for compassion and service. Marlee was famously quoted as saying “You don’t have to be perfect, just be passionate.” These words are an example of the Virgo way of life: embracing flaws, while striving for excellence. Marlee’s Virgo energy has served her, and the world, in her journey to success.

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