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In What Astrological Sign was Mary Magdalene Born?

Mary Magdalene is a figure shrouded in mystery, making it difficult to accurately pinpoint her exact date of birth and astrological sign. However, many believe her to have been born around the first century BC or AD, making her likely a Pisces as far as her zodiac sign.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are deeply empathetic and spiritually open, perceiving the world in ways many of us can’t begin to comprehend or replicate. They have the ability to draw in the beauty of the world around them and are deeply in tune with their own emotions and intuitions. Mary Magdalene was undoubtedly deeply spiritual, perceptive, and empathic.

Mary Magdalene is most famous for her role as a close follower and companion of Jesus Christ. Her legacy is shaped largely by her position in the biblical accounts of the New Testament. Despite her prominence in Christian art, Mary Magdalene is still an enigmatic figure as much of her life outside of the gospel accounts is shrouded in historical mystery and debate.

We do know that Mary Magdalene grew up in present-day Israel, likely in Magdala- the city from which we derive her last name. The two areas that Mary Magdalene was most closely affiliated with were Magdala and Capernaum in Galilee. In biblical texts, Mary is described as a devout traveling companion of Jesus, with reformed faith and deep feelings of adoration for Jesus and his teachings. This strong devotion and loyalty may have something to do with Mary’s profoundly sensitive and open Pisces nature.

Though much of her life before meeting Jesus is unknown, it is widely speculated that Mary had been previously exploited due to her occupation and status as a single woman. This would make sense, as Pisces is a sign of great sensitivity—one that can be taken advantage of by those around them. It is possible that her compassionate nature allowed her to endure such mistreatment and, in turn, become the icon we revere today as a powerful and devout female figure and disciple.

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Mary Magdalene was seen as a leader and inspiration among Jesus’s followers, continuously going above and beyond to struggle for justice and compassion in an era when women were subject to extreme marginalization. Due to the elevated status she holds in Christian history, it is safe to say that her life was a success.

Her cardinal virtue as a Pisces was her selflessness, as she dedicated her life to the service of others and raised awareness of the importance of women in Christianity, paving the way for them to take greater roles in the church and beyond. Finally, Mary Magdalene’s strong intuition and connection to the divine led her to be the first person to witness and spread news of Jesus’s resurrection—making her, at the very least, a spiritual visionary and mentor.

In summary, Mary Magdalene was most likely born under the sign of Pisces, making her a deeply sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate individual. Believed to have lived in present-day Israel, Mary was a devoted follower and traveling companion of Jesus, becoming a powerful female leader and mentor despite living in an era of extreme marginalization of women. Her greatest strength—her cardinal Pisces virtue—was her selflessness, which allowed her to dedicate her life to the service of others. She is credited with being the first to witness and spread news of Jesus’s resurrection, thus becoming an important icon in Christian history.

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