In What Astrological Sign was Maurice Gibb Born?

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In What Astrological Sign was Maurice Gibb Born?

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Maurice Ernest Gibb was born on the 22nd of December 1949, making him a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and Fire is the element of leadership, breaking conventions, and brass balls. It’s associated with fire and zeal—forming the big picture, and shooting for the stars. Which perfectly describes Maurice’s life!

Maurice was born in Douglas, Isle of Man, situated close to the border of England and Ireland — giving him a unique exposure to both the English and Irish music styles and their musical complexities. Being the youngest in the Gibb brother trio, he spent much of his childhood in the shadows of his two elder brothers, although he was a highly talented musician himself.

An avid lover of music, he learned how to play the violin and guitar as a kid and began experimenting with different instruments. As a teenager, he took to the drums and even tried some bass lines. This set him on the path to superstardom with the Bee Gees starting out as a backing vocalist, he then took the lead on many tunes and wrote some of the group’s greatest songs. Maurice had a remarkable talent for hooks, catchy melodies, and memorable lyrics.

Like his astrological sign, Maurice was full of passion and enthusiasm and drove the Bee Gees to soar to greatness. His big-picture leadership allowed them to innovate and thrive. As he was the younger brother and not the leader of the pack, he quickly went against the grain and grew a reputation for being the risk taker and driving force of the group. He pushed them to explore different styles of music, experiment, and take risks, which resulted in some of the Bee Gee’s greatest hits.

The influence of his astrological sign is also seen in the way he wrote music. His clever use of metaphors, uplifting stories, and strong melodies make him one of the best songwriters of all time. He pushed the boundaries of music and was never afraid to try new things. As a Sagittarius, he was a born explorer.

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Maurice was also very passionate about helping disadvantaged youth in the local area and enjoyed volunteering his time and resources to help them. This sense of philanthropy and social justice was evident in the Bee Gees’ music which had a humanitarian slant and aimed to preach anti-war messages and themes of friendship and togetherness.

Unfortunately, Maurice passed away in 2012 following a battle with cancer, and the world lost an amazing musician who made some of the most iconic music of the last century. But, the legacy of Maurice and his beloved Sagittarian vibes will live on forever in the music he left behind.

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