In What Astrological Sign was Michael Bloomberg Born?

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In What Astrological Sign was Michael Bloomberg Born?

Michael Bloomberg was born on February 14, 1942, making him an Aquarius sun sign. Aquarius is an air sign, ruled by the innovative and rebellious planet Uranus, which makes them incredibly independent-minded and driven. Aquarius is also a philanthropic sign, and people who have this sign will generally have great ideas and keen problem-solving skills.

Michael Bloomberg has certainly taken advantage of these astrological traits throughout his life. Growing up in Medford, Massachusetts, he always strived to be ahead of everyone else, often competing in math and physics competitions. As a young man, he was inspired by his father’s business acumen, and by the mid-1960s he had landed a job in the world of finance at a Wall Street brokerage.

Bloomberg began to make a name for himself in the business world, becoming an expert in the nascent field of data analysis. He founded his own financial services and software company, Bloomberg L.P., in 1981, first offering services and information to brokers and financial professionals. He quickly expanded his empire by launching Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg TV and a number of other media initiatives.

Throughout this time, Bloomberg’s independent-mindedness was displayed through his innovative ideas throughout the finance industry. His progressive approach to dealing with financial crisis meant he was never afraid to take risks, and this Aquarian trait helped Bloomberg build one of the largest media and financial information empires in the world.

Michael Bloomberg also used his astrological sign’s philanthropic energy to help shape the world, donating billions of dollars to charities around the globe, as well as to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, during his mayoral tenure.

In 2002, he was elected mayor of New York City, ousting the incumbent Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani with a landslide victory. As mayor, Bloomberg was driven by his Aquarian energy, introducing new measures like “NYC Time Out” which offered young people a chance to take part in educational opportunities instead of jail. He became a passionate advocate of gun control, creating a ‘cease-fire’ program, and worked to build up the city’s infrastructure in the wake of 9/11.

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Michael Bloomberg’s Aquarian nature has made him an incredibly successful businessman, philanthropist, and New York City mayor. His innovative ideas and radical problem-solving skills have helped him shape the world, and through his work, Bloomberg has been able to truly unlock the power of his Aquarius sign. His pioneering spirit, unmatched ambition, and desire to make the world a better place are all hallmarks of the sign of the Water-bearer, and have been instrumental in his success.

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