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What is Michel Teló’s Zodiac Sign?

Michel Teló was born on January 21st, 1981 and is an Aquarius. Aquarians are independent, intellectual, progressive-minded, and strive for self-expression and improvement. People who have the Aquarius zodiac sign associated with them are innovators, often leading the pack when it comes to expressing their ideas and thoughts in new and unexpected ways.

Michel Teló hails from Brazil, where he was born and grew up. Growing up, he developed a passion for music and banned together with friends and family to form a band that soon began to perform all around his neighborhood. His family and friends proved to be his greatest source of inspiration, motivating him to create music that listeners would sincerely connect with.

By the time he was sixteen, Michel was performing and writing songs for major Brazilian artists, which quickly made him a prominent figure in the Brazilian music industry. Eventually, he recorded his own version of “Ai Se Eu Te Pego,” which became an enormous international hit, reaching the number one spot in 15 countries including Portugal, Spain and Germany. Michel won several awards, including Latin Grammy, Billboard Latin Music Award, and Zeca Camargo Best Music of the Year Award, and has earned American citizenship for his outstanding international achievements.

His success marks an astrological story of Aquarius. People who are born under this sign have a strong sense of self-expression as well as an invention of their own path, which likely helped propel Michel to success and make him stand out from the crowd. Aquarians often have a unique outlook that prompts them to search for unconventional and creative approaches to their work, which is clear in Michel’s accessible yet distinct style of music. They have an independence and modernity that reflects in Michel’s commitment to constantly push himself and explore new meaningful ideas. Despite the fame and success, Michel has remained grounded, and focused on continuing to produce and share unique music with the world.

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On a personal level, Michel also has the typical qualities of an Aquarius. He is devoted to friends and family, showing the ability for selfless behavior and true friendship that Aquarians are known for. He is also very adventurous and dynamic—embracing risk taking and new opportunities to broaden his horizons and explore his talents. All of these qualities perfectly embody the characteristics of an Aquarius, and more specifically, Michel Teló.

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