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What is the Astrological Sign of Morrissey?

Morrissey is an English singer-songwriter and musician celebrating their 60th birthday this May. Born on May 22, 1959, Morrissey is an entertaining and unique character, devotedly adored by millions for their romantically wistful lyrics and unique perspective. As a Gemini, it is hardly surprising that the artist has made significant strides of distinction throughout their varied and unique career.

Geminis are air signs, which stand for spirit or breath. They parrot the influence of twins – with Geminis thought to be naturally inquisitive, energetic, playful and creative. Morrissey certainly shows the influence of this sign through their creative lyricism and sometimes controversial outbursts. They have never been afraid to push the boundaries of appropriate in the eyes of their critics. Geminis have a need for variety and change as they are easily bored and despised conformity; this is represented in Morrissey’s refusal to conform to the traditional rock and roll lifestyle and through his iconic androgynous style.

Morrissey is a product of Manchester, UK. their immense musical influence is attributed to the city’s thriving music scene and passionate post-punk era. As a young adult, they held various roles throughout their hometown’s working-class culture and even started a punk fanzine titled “Singed But Not Damaged”. Morrissey’s potential as a singer-songwriter was first noticed by the Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, and the two created some of the 1980s’ most successful and poetic music.

The impact left by the English rock duo was powerful and far-reaching, particularly in the UK. Morrissey’s repertoire expanded to include topics like feminism, veganism and animal liberation. Together with their captivating music, this enabled them to become a spokesperson for an increasingly dissatisfied youth. His zealous observations and novel perspective has since seen them become one of the most iconic singers of their generation.

Morrissey’s career as a solo artist continued the maverick story of the early ‘80s and infused alternative rock and world music with striking flair. In the charts, their enduring and classic hits including ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’, ‘Suedehead’, ‘The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get’, ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’ and ‘First of the Gang to Die’ provided for a consistent character of inspiration and influence.

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True to character, Geminis also have a reputation for being able to look into the minds of those around them and possess the ability to see life in two sides. Morrissey’s lyrics reflect this innate understanding and they successfully gift their insight and sentiment to fans within their music. During live performances, Morrissey delivers their captivating songs with an unmistakable intensity which can only be attributed to their astrological influence.

Morrissey’s unique blend of creativity, outspoken observations, and Gemini’s inquisitive, sharable and curious nature has produced a profoundly original artist. One thing’s for sure; there’s no mistaking the electrifying effect of a Morrissey live show or the indelible mark this extraordinary musician has left on their generation.

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