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What Star Sign is Ned Kelly?

Ned Kelly was born on June 18, 1855, making him a Gemini. A Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, signifying the energy of communication and intelligence. This means Geminis tend to be able express what they think and feel in a very articulate and persuasive way. They are incredibly adaptive, often bouncing between different domains and activities.

Ned Kelly is remembered as one of the most famous Australians in history, and was born in Beveridge, Victoria, Australia, during the gold-rush period. As a child, he was very adored by his family, but his early life was very difficult, with his family facing poverty and harsh living conditions. He was also exposed to a criminal element at a young age, which would come to shape his later life.

At the age of 14, Kelly’s father was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, and Kelly vowed at a young age to avenge his father’s death after his death conviction. He had a strong sense of justice, and when he saw the power injustices of the police and legal system, this spurred him. He gathered a gang of renegades and clashed against the colonial government in a fight for justice and freedom.

As a Gemini, Kelly was decisive and persuasive leader who had the ability to think quickly on his feet, while also inspiring others to join his cause. He used his articulation skills to his advantage when delivering speeches to rallies, and was able to overcome his shy nature by enlisting the help of others in his gang. His innate ability to garner admiration and respect were hallmarks of his Gemini tendencies.

Kelly was able to inspire others to join his cause of justice and become a power within the underworld in Victoria. His incredible leadership skills and fearless attitude made him stand out, and despite the costs, he was willing to sacrifice his own freedom for what he believed was right.

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In the end, Kelly was heroically led to the gallows at the age of 25, with some still believing he was never given a fair trial. While not living a long life, his impact will be remembered forever, and his Gemini traits of passion, courage, and intelligence will be what made this story so unforgettable.

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