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You are calm and a born diplomat



Twos are inherently calm, level-headed, and diplomatic. You’re naturally persuasive, and you utilize your abilities for good. You are the voice of reason in any challenging scenario or with difficult individuals. Unfortunately, you may not always want to play the role of peacekeeper. You, on the other hand, remain the go-to guy. Your expertise in this field is well known and recognized. Because you are naturally caring and loving, you may take on the role of peacekeeper. Unfortunately, those wonderful characteristics aren’t always positive. You may be too protective of loved ones, which causes them to feel trapped. But it’s simply your nature, and you’re not malicious. Because of this, you may seem condescending, which is an unpleasant reality of being the mediator. You may work on this, as well as your fearfulness, overprotection, and cunning. You’re probably an excellent listener and collaborator, so it shouldn’t be too tough for you. Overall, you are a compassionate, sensitive person who appreciates beauty and art. You’re cool and collected, yet your diplomatic instincts may have a manipulative tendency that you’ll need to work on.

What Does Destiny Number 2 Mean?

Diplomatic, cooperative, tactful, persuasive, good listener…

A destiny number 2 is a natural diplomat who is calm and level-headed. These characteristics provide you with natural persuasive abilities, which you prefer to employ for good. You also use your soothing temperament to cope with difficult individuals and situations—you’re a true peacekeeper.

It’s a role you may not always want to play, yet others depend on you as a 2. Your abilities are valued, and you are the go-to person in a variety of situations. Destiny number two: you’re polite and cool enough to manage it while listening to everyone involved.

Because you’re a caring, loving person by nature, it’s possible that you keep the peace even when you don’t want to. You could do this when faced with a variety of situations.

However, destiny number two has a disadvantage. You might be a little too protective of the people you care about. Even if you don’t try to be suffocating or condescending, they don’t always enjoy it.

Being condescending is an undesirable side effect of being a mediator. You may improve your fate by doing so.

You are also crafty and manipulative yet afraid of diplomatic jobs, something you may improve on. You’re a 2 because you’re so nice and cooperative, so you probably don’t intend any harm. Number 2 comes from your overprotective instincts.

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