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What is the Star Sign of Omar Epps?

Omar Epps was born on July 20, 1973, which makes his astrological sign—and by extension his personality—Cancer. Cancers are symbols of strength and determination, which certainly defines Omar’s life story. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he was surrounded by an environment where talent was abundant but equally protected. Seeing countless people like him attending auditions for roles they had no chance of getting, Omar determined to be different. He made it his mission to expand his skill set; motivated by passionate acting and a natural intelligence, he connected with a teacher who showed him the ins and outs of the business. With dogged determination and an unceasing thirst for knowledge, he revolutionized what it means to be a diverse actor and committed himself to diversifying Hollywood.

As a Cancer, Omar Epps’s motivations are to make sure he cares for others and to follow his emotions. Cancers understand that all decisions shape who they become, and they own the responsibility of their own success rather than blame failures on the world around them. Omar applied this philosophical concept to his career, ensuring that every decision he made was true to his drive and skillset, and endlessly working to expand and sharpen them both. This to-the-letter dedication to excellence has paid off immensely—he’s won multiple awards and nominations, been featured in iconic films, made his mark in television, and is deeply respected in the world of acting.

To understand Omar Epps’s success, it’s essential to look to his zodiac sign. As a Cancer, he values home and family and is naturally sensitive and empathetic. Growing up in Brooklyn certainly played to his strengths and taught him how to battle for what he believes in, themes that are echoed throughout his career. His genuine determination reveals itself in each of his performances, captivating audiences as he dives into each role with a deep understanding of his characters. Omar Epps’s astrological sign has been a major factor in his achievements–his commitment to expand his skillset, emotive performances, and passion for the craft are all traits associated with the sign of Cancer, proving its impact on his approach to the profession. No matter what, his dedication and drive are constant and remain true to his values.

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