What is Paolo Maldini’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Paolo Maldini’s Zodiac Sign?

The Italian professional soccer player Paolo Maldini was born June 26th 1968, making him a Cancer. Born in Milan, Italy, Maldini was an internationally renowned soccer player whose 18-year career playing for legendary Italian-side A.C. Milan has made him one of the greatest defensive players ever.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, and those born under the sign are represented by a crab. Ferocious and tenacious, the qualities of a Cancer can be seen in Paolo’s game as a defender on the soccer field. Cancers are known for their sensitivity and introspection, reflecting in Maldini’s game off the back line. Fans have praised him for his intelligence and guile on the pitch, two qualities typical in a Cancer.

In regards to Maldini’s personality, Cancer natives are usually compassionate and loyal people who nurture those around them. Known for his leadership, Maldini captained A.C. Milan during the 1990s and guided the team to victory in numerous major tournaments. This leadership style typifies another trait of the Cancer Zodiac sign which is to take initiative and drive.

Paolo’s parents were both professional athletes, with his father Cesare having a hugely successful career as a soccer player for A.C. Milan. These parents no doubt played a huge part in Paolo’s success, a typical trait of Cancers is to draw strength and validation from their families, providing them with a strong foundation and sense of belonging. This could be seen in Paolo’s own admirable career, where he went on to appear 619 times for A.C. Milan and became their all-time record holder for appearances.

The Cancers’ determination and resilience is another character trait and it’s certainly a quality which helped Paolo to bounce back from an early exit at the 1994 World Cup, Russia and keep striving towards his professional goals. In 2003, Paolo was awarded the Serie A Defender of the Year award for the 5th time, showing the world his legendary status as an Italian powerhouse.

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His personal life was also a source of strength, marrying his wife Adriana Fossa in 1994 – Cancers are known for their strong devotion to their family. Together, the two share three children. This stabilizing relationship provided Paolo with the drive to break records, gather 8 Italian Seria A titles and participate 5 times at the Champions League in the 1990s, becoming the oldest ever player in European competitions by the age of 39, which surely speaks to the Cancer’s strength to withstand wear and tear.

Finally, Cancers are known for their creativity and the ability to think outside of the box in order to find solutions. Paolo certainly showed this knack for new ideas when he was a coach for both the Italy Under 21’s and A.C.’s Milan Primavera. It’s clear that Paolo’s qualities as a Cancer helped to shape his illustrious career. Driven by his desire for success and his depth of understanding for the game, his astrological sign surely played a part in making him one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

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