What is Paul Klee’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Paul Klee’s Zodiac Sign?

Paul Klee was born on December 18th, 1879, making him a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius sign—the Archer—is often associated with expansiveness, openness to new experiences, and a keen eye for details. These qualities lend themselves well to Klee’s life and art, which often featured lighthearted detail and explored the form and content of nature.

Klee grew up in Bern, Switzerland, a city renowned for its beauty, and the energy of the Sagittarius Archer could be seen in the influence of the surrounding landscape on his life and art. His parents noticed his inclination for music at an early age, and he played violin in the Bern Music Association as a young child. He was also interested in geometry from a young age, which additionally saw its way into his art in the form of shapes, lines, and points.

Klee attended the local art academy, accepting an apprenticeship as an apprentice to another local artists and attended art school before enrolling in the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. His time there broadened his mind and opened his eyes to a variety of styles, including Symbolism and Impressionism. During his travels in Italy, art with points and lines became a major emphasis in his work. Klee’s enthusiasm for learning also saw its way into his astrological sign, with the Sagittarian symbol of the Archer representing a journey and a traveler looking for knowledge, which was itself represented in Klee’s deep love for he course of study that led him to become an artist.

Klee’s innovative art combined his beloved geometry and his curiosity for nature and mathematical principles, and the Archer was also a symbol of justice and truth, both of which Klee was deeply concerned with in his works. His art often dealt with topics such as war, poverty, and the suffering of the human condition, topics which the Archer was also associated with. In many of his works, the Sagittarian themes of freedom and exploration came through, from his expression of joy and beauty to his deep concerns about the nature of man.

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Klee’s astrological sign informed much of his life and work. His Sagittarian qualities allowed him to acknowledge both the positive and negative aspects of the world and to create works that celebrated beauty and freedom. His works combined both the depth of his symbolist training and the joyousness of being alive in a seemingly chaotic world and the transcendent moments of peace and delight he brought to an otherwise often turbulent world. With the qualities of the Archer coming through in his work, Paul Klee created a great body of art which has both delighted and disturbed viewers for over a century.

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