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What Astrological Sign Was Philip K. Dick Born Under?

Philip K. Dick was born on December 16th and was a Sagittarius, one of the Fire signs of the zodiac. Sagittarians are essentially the antithesis of their fellow Fire sign, Aries. Whereas Aries are often quite brash and short-tempered, Sagittarians tend to be more even-tempered and laid-back. They are people-oriented, set off to explore, and often dream of what’s to come. The Archer is an optimist at heart and is always looking for the answers to life’s toughest questions.

Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago, Illinois, and was raised in the Bay Area of California in the 1930s. Much of his childhood was spent working odd jobs with his father and experiencing a tranquil, idyllic atmosphere in the woods by his home. This upbringing would inform much of his later writing, as the dichotomy of small town life and urban living provided a vast playground of characters and differences in culture to pull from.

The beginnings of Dick’s writing career began shortly after he left high school and became a freelance writer. His very first story, “Beyond Lies the Wub”, marked his first foray into science fiction and would soon become a prolific genre for him. He went on to write several novels and short stories, most of which would bring about a thematic exploration of both human nature and spirituality.

Dick’s works often contained themes related to how one defines “reality” and the boundaries that shape it, with characters often pondering what is real and surreal. Despite the markedly philosophical themes that run throughout his works, Dick was also a keen participant in examining addictive behavior, alienation, and bizarrely humorous situations. This combination of comedic and philosophical themes has resulted in a deep canon of some of the most widely read science fiction works, helping establish Dick as one of the genre’s most celebrated authors.

The Sagittarian qualities inherent to Philip K. Dick found a perfect marriage in his writing. His optimistic outlook, knowledge of human nature, and enjoyment of philosophical thought all blended together to create some of the most influential and thought-provoking works of science fiction. As an optimist and a constant seeker of the unknown, Dick was able to take flawed concepts and infuse them with a sense of understanding and empathy.

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Throughout his stories, Dick trades in the sharpness of Aries in favor of a more philosophical pursuit in seeking out the truths of the world. Beyond tales about android rebellions and intergalactic travels, his works have become something much more; outlets of self-discovery, exploration, and examination. It could easily be said that no other piece of literature has so thoroughly examined the complexities of life’s journey like that of Philip K. Dick and his Sagittarian sign.

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