What is the Star Sign of Pierre Bourdieu?

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What is the Star Sign of Pierre Bourdieu?

Pierre Bourdieu was born on August 1, 1930 and is a Leo, making him an ambitious, confident, and creative leader. This birthday puts him right in the middle of the season that the sun and planets’ rays are at their strongest. This strength gives motivation and guidance in life to those with the fire sign of Leo, and Bourdieu rose to the challenge in his life.

Born in Dugny, France, Bourdieu had an academic development that emphasizes the Leo quality of being able to motivate oneself. He completed a double degree and obtained a PhD in philosophy and sociology from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales. After graduation, he worked as a research associate at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. It was during this time that he started to form his own theories, integrating sociology, history, anthropology, and philosophy, a perfect fit for the Leo-ruled thinking, dreaming, and discovering required to create something new.

Bourdieu was influenced by the Marxist thinking of the idea of struggle between classes, and his work developed to encompass the notion of the reproduction of social inequalities through education and material possessions. This idea of treasuring what you have is very reflected in the Leo’s main characteristic of ambition. Bourdieu was an active participant in politics, and fought for the liberation of colonized countries. His mission in life was to make sure that equality became a reality for all.

One of Bourdieu’s most famous works, “Distinction,” focused on the idea of taste, and how it was affected by social class. He argued that the elite were able to maintain their status due to their taste in material possessions, learning, and culture, and that these things defined the socially accepted norms of beauty. He argued that the lower classes were trapped in a cycle of poverty since their tastes were not recognized or valued. This revolutionary notion has been highly influential to the world of sociology and found application in many other studies.

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The Leo energy in Bourdieu provided the ambition required to take on a revolutionary social project aimed at social equality. His impressive research and studies on the class systems and his focus on the power of education certainly illustrate the Leo trait of bravery and courage. He was a highly influential figure in the academic world, and he did not hesitate to tackle the toughest topics to bring a discourse of social justice to the forefront. His influence still brings awareness to difficult topics to this day, and he continues to be remembered for his revolutionary work.

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