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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Radical Number 1 is related to the Sun

People who have 1 as the Radical number are under the influence of the Sun. They are steady and firm in their stands. They try to abide by their promise. They have strong willpower and keep trying to accomplish what they undertake. Their love affairs and friendship continue to be sweet. Their dispute with their enemies continues for a long.

You thrive in environments where you can work on your terms and dislike anyone trying to interfere with your work. You must embrace your natural leadership qualities and use them to succeed in your chosen field. Your ambition and drive will push you to reach the top, and you have the potential to be a great administrator and earn the respect of those working under you. You are known to have strong and unshakeable beliefs and try to abide by your promises. You possess strong willpower and determination to accomplish whatever you undertake. Stability in your mental and friendly relations is crucial, and you strive to maintain everlasting love and long-term relations.

You are an independent thinker who does not like to work under someone else's control. You thrive in a self-determining environment and always aim to perform tasks without bias and interference. You have a natural urge to become the chief of social associations, and you earn these offices through your hard work and dedication.

Your association with the Sun means that you naturally tend towards altruism and desire to be renowned in society. Use this to your advantage by finding ways to help others and positively impact your community. Your hard work and dedication will pay off, and you will achieve the recognition and success you deserve.

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The Origins of Astrology

Astrology is a practice that involves studying the positions and movements of celestial bodies, like the Sun, Moon, and planets, to try and understand and predict human affairs and natural phenomena. It originated with the Babylonians, who used astrological charts to forecast the phases of the Moon, eclipses, planetary alignments, and other celestial events. In the past, astrology and astronomy were not considered to be separate fields of study, but rather one and the same. However, as our understanding of the universe has grown, these two disciplines have become more distinct from one another.

Astrology is a way of looking at the stars and planets to try and understand and predict things that might happen on Earth. It started with the Greeks a long time ago and was made popular by scholars like Plato and Aristotle. They thought it was a science. Later, other cultures like the Romans and Arabs started using astrology too. We still use the same symbols for the different parts of the sky that they did back then. Astrology was used for many things, like trying to make sense of confusing times, predicting the weather, and helping with farming. It was also used to help make decisions about things like war and how to rule a country. Even today, people still use astrology to try and get advice and guidance.

How Horoscopes came to Be

Astrology involves using the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars at the time and place of your birth to create a horoscope chart. This chart is calculated using sidereal time, which is time measured based on the Earth’s (or a planet’s) movement relative to the stars, rather than the Sun.

Proper interpretation of this chart requires both artistic and scientific skills. When done correctly, it can provide insights into personality, sign compatibility, current trends, and more. It is important to only seek out the services of a highly trained and accredited astrologer when seeking horoscope readings. These astrologers are skilled in the art and science of horoscope interpretation and can provide reliable and accurate readings.

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