What is Richard Attenborough’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Richard Attenborough’s Zodiac Sign?

Richard Attenborough was born in Cambridge, England on August 29th, 1923. This date makes him a Virgo, the sign of the perfectionist, as Virgos are known to be generous, helpful, and reliable. Those born under the Virgo sign have a tendency to excel when given enough attention to detail, which is evident in the director’s work throughout his career.

Attenborough was driven by his passion and admiration for the art of filmmaking. Throughout his childhood, he avidly watched films alongside his older brother, David, which became a major inspiration for his later work. After completing school, he joined the Royal Air Force to serve his country during World War II. Following his service, he was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1945 where he first found success appearing in a handful of critically-acclaimed theatrical works.

Throughout his time with the Royal Academy, he also earned the opportunity to appear in several small roles on the silver screen, eventually leading to his full-time occupation as a film actor in the 1950s. In 1957, he made his directorial debut with the film Brothers. During this time, his distinct style of blending comedy and drama, which is now considered his trademark, was first evident.

It wasn’t until the early 1970s that Attenborough made his most memorable contributions to the film industry through his directorships of films such as Young Winston (1972), A Chorus Line (1976), Gandhi (1982), and Cry Freedom (1987). His breakthrough film, Gandhi, which he spent eight years directing, earned eight Academy Awards including two for the director himself.

Venus is said to be the ruling planet of Virgos, symbolizing the principles of beauty, feminism, and cultural pleasure. This aspect of Astrology is clear in Richard Attenborough’s compassionate and elegant filmmaking style that captures the beauty of art and the nuances of a character’s experience. Attenborough was a master of conveying powerful messages and emotions in his films with an unflinching honesty.

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This gentle Virgo certainly left a main impression on the cinematic world with his powerful and deeply humane films. His work has gone on to become hugely influential amongst his fellow filmmakers and continues to be studied in film schools to this day. Richard Attenborough’s passion and dedication to the craft is ultimately what is the most admirable and as a Virgo, it is what truly makes his work stand out and be remembered.

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