In What Astrological Sign was Richard Dean Anderson Born?

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In What Astrological Sign was Richard Dean Anderson Born?

Richard Dean Anderson was born on January 23, 1950, and is a zodiac Aquarius. This ancient zodiac sign is known to be independent and unique in their thinking and approach. Aquarius are highly creative, inventive, original, and rebel against tradition and the status quo, preferring to forge their own paths. They often possess strong analytical minds and are trendsetters in fields ranging from science to art.

Anderson was raised in Minnesota, Canada, and California, and although his early childhood lacked consistent parental guidance, it certainly gifted him with appreciation for travel and adventure. The most profound experience in his youth came during a two-week trip to Kabul, Afghanistan when he was 10 years old, and had a brief, but significant, taste of another culture that stayed with him into his adult life. After graduating from high school, Anderson attended St. Cloud State, studying in the field of science and mathematics. By the time he reached his thirties, Anderson’s experience earned him a place in television and film, appearing in well-known shows such as the original MacGyver series and Stargate SG-1.

Echoing the creativity and individuality traditionally associated with Aquarius, Anderson has lived an off-the-cuff lifestyle without set plans, and although his career and the people he associated with opened numerous opportunities for success, Anderson never seemed entirely comfortable embracing the path of the Hollywood leading man. Like the free spirit of the zodiac Aquarius, Anderson seems to find truly joy and fulfillment in family, friends, leisure, and philanthropic endeavors. As he explained in a profile piece from People magazine in 2017, “My life is about doing things, about not having too many attachments, about being free, about exploring whatever comes my way. I’m still that kid who looks to see around the corner and pushes himself to be brave enough — or foolish enough — to go around.” Anderson has maintained his strong sense of independence and tendency for risk-taking, often stepping outside of the box of popular culture to challenge the status quo.

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The sign of Aquarius is often considered rebellious in its approach to the world, and Anderson’s life is full of creative decisions, risky ventures, and daring diversions. One can’t help but to see the manifestation of the Aquarius spirit that stands at the foundation of Anderson’s life and his choices throughout his career. Whether it be through his act of stepping away from fame in Hollywood when he felt the need for a different path, or his various philanthropic efforts, it’s obvious that Richard Dean Anderson is a true Aquarius.

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