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What is the Star Sign of Rivaldo?

Rivaldo is a Brazilian professional football (soccer) player born April 19th, 1972, making him an Aries. Those born under the sign Aries are usually strong-willed, independent, and energetic individuals. They are known for their zest for life and their need to lead, as well as try new challenges and adventures. They are active individuals, seeking knowledge and truth. This is overall a great description of the celebrated former Brazilian forward.

Rivaldo was born in the city of Paulista in Brazil, and came to great fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He was not born into a wealthy family, as his parents worked simple jobs and sometimes struggled to make ends meet. This feeling of poverty and drive to make something of himself was likely further amplified by his astrological sign – Aries. This sign brings with it a need to lead, to achieve success, to let its ambition guide it.

The Brazilian was truly driven, aligning almost perfectly with the stereotype of an Aries individual. He was inspired by the greats – both being born and raised in Brazil, he was fortunate enough to admire the performances of greats such as Pele, Rivelino and even Ronaldo (the original Ronaldo). He played for various teams in the Brazilian Serie A and was later picked up by the Spanish team Barcelona, where he arguably reached the peak of his achievements.

Rivaldo was renowned for his incredible work ethic, aside from being a naturally talented player. His shining personality was backed up with intense work, an overall understanding of the game, and a passionate determination to win. This is all too often seen in those born under Arien sign, as they are not afraid to take on challenge or pressure, knowing that with enough drive and conviction, success is in their reach.

Rivaldo’s determination and focus allowed him to make the impossible reality and became one of the all time greats of the beautiful game. His ambition and drive to become more than he and his family could have dreamed of was ever present.

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Rivaldo was born into an astrological sign of power and determination. As an Aries born on April 19th, many of the traits listed above resonated in Rivaldo’s career. He was someone who used his ambition to achieve greatness, both for himself and his teams. He was one of the most celebrated Brazilian footballers of the modern era, and his zest for life, drive to succeed, and passion for the beautiful game are still honored today.

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