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What Star Sign is Robert Redford?

Robert Redford was born on August 18th, 1936 and is a Leo. Leos are well known for their strong personalities, loyalty, and generous nature. The strength of the Leo makes them very proud and self-confident, and unafraid to make bold decisions and take risks. Leos also possess an unwavering determination and have an unbreakable spirit. These positive characteristics blended together create a great leader which is seen in Robert Redford’s life.

Robert Redford was born in Santa Monica, California but as a teen his family moved to Van Nuys. Growing up, Robert was inspired by his mother’s love of art and by his father’s wild tales of his adventures. Redford’s creative side was further explored when he attended high school in Van Nuys and pursued a career in acting. As a teen, it was difficult for Robert to fit in and he struggled to get noticed initially in Hollywood, but he never gave up – a great trait of a Leo. Over time, Robert gradually worked his way up the ladder and earned parts in film projects.

Robert Redford is best-known for his iconic role in the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He went on to act in a large number of films, including All the President’s Men and The Natural. His incredible talent as an actor led to him being nominated for two Academy Awards.

Along with an acting career, Redford also directed, produced and founded the Sundance Film Festival, originally called the Utah/US Film Festival. The Sundance Film Festival seeks to expose independent films and new talent to the Hollywood scene. The festival is still successful today, and Robert Redford takes pride in it as one of his biggest successes.

As a Leo, Robert Redford’s bold decisions, determination, and spirit carried out in his professional career. The Leo sign gives Redford a natural and unyielding sense of leadership. It is this strength of character that inspired Redford to pursue his dreams in acting and producing. Robert Redford is a testament of someone who stuck to his convictions and never gave up. Redford’s determination is a brilliant example of Leo’s unwavering spirit and courage, and it is is what eventually allowed him to reach the successes he has now.

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The Leo sign is renowned for its loyalty and Robert Redford’s loyalty to independent film is strong. This loyalty and greatness is why Robert Redford is synonymous with the independent American film scene. Redford’s sense of loyalty to this movement carries out in his unwavering support for independent films, his creation of the Sundance Film Festival, and his many inspiring films. Despite his age, Robert Redford is still active today, which ties back to the hard working and positive traits of the Leo.

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