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What is the Star Sign of Robinho?


Robinho, born January 25th, 1984, is an Aquarius. Aquarians are people born between January 20th and February 18th, and are often described creatively as progressive-thinkers, free-spirited individuals, and rebels with something to prove. A major characteristic of people born into this solar sign is their acute social awareness. Robson de Souza, better known as “Robinho”, was born in Sao Vicente, Brazil into a humble household and destined to be a star.

Robinho’s story is a testament to vision, dedication, and a steadfast nature, all characteristics of an Aquarian. Throughout his upbringing, he was encouraged to hone his love for the game of soccer and put it to work. The game of soccer was a massive part of the culture in his hometown, so it was a natural draw to enlist the help of his family and take his skills to the field. His natural athleticism and determination made it easy for him to stand out from the crowd, particularly in his area, known as the “favelas”. It was within this setting that Robinho and many other aspiring football players earned a spot in the Santos FC organization. There, with relentless training, and his own effort and ambition, Robinho advanced his career to unprecedented heights and eventually made it to the international stage.

Robinho’s Aquarian traits combined with his strong work ethic make him well-suited to the various challenges and adventures of an international soccer career. His leadership skills and excellent team spirit create an environment where success is not only expected, but almost immediately attainable. People born into this sign have an uncanny ability to connect with people and inspire others. So, it’s no surprise that Robinho was named the South American Footballer of the Year in 2009. Furthering his accolades, Robinho was also named one of the best wingers in the world and holds various records both in Brazil and internationally.

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Talented Aquarian’s such as Robinho are often described as compelling, passionate, hardworking, and idealistic. These are all qualities that Robinho personifies on a regular basis, and the ability to successfully embody these traits have allowed him to establish himself as a legitimate force in the realm of soccer. As one of the greatest soccer players in the world, Robinho personifies the Aquarius’s energetic, enthusiastic, and innovative spirit, making him a great example for other players born within the same sign.

Situations of hardship are no stranger to Aquarius’s, and although they have an independent nature, they desire the support and friendship of others. Robbinho, with his humble beginnings, has risen to the greatest heights of his career in a remarkable manner, with a supporters along for the ride. His success has ensured that he will never need to look back and exemplifies the ever-evolving qualities that make aquarians so motivating and successful in whatever passions they pursue.

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