What is the Star Sign of Roxelana?

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What is the Star Sign of Roxelana?

Roxelana (c.1502- c.1558) of the Ottoman Empire was born on November 18th and falls under the sign of the Scorpio in Astrology. As a sign known for strong powers of intuition, it makes sense that Roxelana rose to power due to her ability to charm her way into the heart and court of powerful Sultan Suleiman I.

The life of Roxelana, even before she entered court, was unique and rich in its own right. Born to a Ruthenian priest in what is now modern Ukraine, Roxelana was taken from her family at a young age and Christianized as she was adopted by the Crimean Khan. It was from this secular and open-minded household that Roxelana learned to survive and to take risks.

The Scorpio confers on Roxelana some of her most defining qualities from her ability to calculate and take risks to her natural inclination for strong intuition. As a sign known for magnetism and charm, it’s certainly no surprise that Roxelana’s happiness and luck followed her to the Ottoman court as the Chief Consort of Sultan Suleiman I. As she charmed him, she also strategically maneuvered her way into his life and was eventually able to ensure precedence for her children over the Sultan’s other heirs.

Roxelana was also a Scorpio in her commitment to justice and her determination to be taken seriously within the court. Scorpios are often associated with a passionate desire to set and enforce rules, manage power efficiently and effectively, and create a greater sense of justice. This compulsion to strive for a better life was further enhanced by the adventurous upbringing Roxelana had had as a child. As a communicator with strong powers of intuition, she was able to always stay a step ahead in the politics of the court.

The Scorpio sign is also associated with boldness, and Roxelana was a woman unafraid to stand up for herself. She won over her imperial rival Mahidevran in the end by becoming a legitimate wife and not a concubine in the eyes of the Sultan. She was a political and an influential advisor in the court who never shied away from voicing her opinion or taking political risks.

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Roxelana’s successes show her as a Scorpio of consistent ambition and fair intentions. She rose from humble beginnings and created a legacy for herself and her family in the Muslim court. She was able to not only escape her status as a servant in the court, but also become a true force to be reckoned with. Her incredible will and wit that she exhibited reflect true the values of the Scorpio sign of courage and strong intuition.

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