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What is the Star Sign of Sean Bean?

Sean Bean was born April 17, 1959, making him an Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the initiator and instigator of the zodiac wheel. It is a sign of unbridled passion, of taking action and initiative, and of having the courage to forge one’s own paths in life, regardless of obstacles. Born in Sheffield, England, Sean Bean fully embodied the qualities of an Aries, forging his own path as an actor and culminating his career with major roles in high-profile productions such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

Growing up in Sheffield, Sean Bean had no real aspirations of becoming an actor. Interested in the trains passing by his working-class home, he dreamt of soaking up all the knowledge to become a railway engineer, studying art at school and involving himself in the Applied Arts program at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology in pursuit of that dream. Life threw Sean a curveball, however, when he realized that building an engineering career was not feasible. Sean was then drawn to the bright lights of the theater, seeing how actors can take charge of their own destiny, as many Aries do, and began to take acting seriously as a viable career path. In his words, “I think I did about 10 repertory seasons. I just felt really good doing it and that was the bug. That was the only bug that ever bit me.”

As his acting career developed, Sean Bean was determined to take control of his own destiny, taking small but unforgettable roles that he could indentify with and using these roles to create an identity and showcase his talents. By applying the tenacity of an Aries, Sean’s journey eventually led him to major blockbuster films. His break-out role was in the movie Sharpe’s Eagle in 1993, which kicked off a career marked by strong Aries’s traits; he would soon find himself at the top of the casting list, and be involved in more than 30 movie and television productions. His challenge-seeking and courage have been definitive traits throughout his life, from the decisions he made with his career to his various hobbies such as mountaineering and skydiving. This is all quite characteristic of an Aries, whose creative pursuits stem from an unrestrained spirit, coupled with enthusiasm and ambition.

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Sean Bean passed away in 2020, after a lifetime of contributing to the film and theater industry. His numerous accomplishments made him one of the most recognized actors of his generation. Sean’s life and zigzag-like path of adventure, chaos, hard work and determination to succeed can all be attributed to the traits of an Aries. His unending courage to forge his own path despite outside influences personified the Aries qualities of fearlessness and relentless pursuit of personal success. He may be gone, but the impact of Sean Bean’s life and Aries qualities on aspiring actors will remain forever etched within the culture of the film industry.

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