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In What Astrological Sign was Selena Born?

Selena, the beloved queen of Tejano music, was born on April 16th, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. Her zodiac sign is Aries, the ram – those born under Aries are the fire sign who is motivated by the drive towards creative pursuits, a characteristic that can be seen in Selena’s career.

Aries, represented by the astrological symbol of the ram, is the cardinal fire sign, and those born under it possess a strong determination and ambition that can easily be seen in Selena’s drive towards success close to home, but also throughout the world. The Aries sign is known for being magnetic, dynamic and confident, and Selena certainly embodied these traits through her enduring music career. Her courage, passion and enthusiasm are clearly reflected in her lyrics, which often talk about love and lasting bonds of friendship.

Selena was inspired to pursue a musical career at the age of four when her dad bought her a drum and encouraged her to play music with the family band, Los Dinos. Her childhood was thus spent honing her craft in music and learning how to move a crowd. At the age of nine, she had already won various competitions and by the age of thirteen, she was sought after by music producers. Her family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas in 1981 and it was there that Selena got her big break.

Due to her ambition, diligence and creativity, she was able to perform at major music events and release her first album by the age of fifteen. Three years later, she became the lead singer of Selena y Los Dinos and the band achieved much commercial success due to their fresh sound, earning them regional awards such as the Tejano Music Awards. During the next four years, their popularity and success grew with the release of their international hit Amor Prohibido.

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Ultimately, it was her ambition and devotion to her craft that enabled Selena to achieve so much in such a short period of time. Her zodiac sign of Aries certainly waylaid in her indomitable drive to pursue her dreams and become the renowned figure that she is largely remembered for today. Something which is common among Aries people is the ability to move quickly and work to get their ideas off the ground without too much planning. This makes sense of Selena’s quick rise to fame and success.

When people think of the Aries sign, one of the things that’s noted is passion, as Aries people often channel their confident energy into a project that they are particularly passionate about. Selena’s enthusiasm and passion for her career were unquestionable, and her performances often had crowds going wild. Aries’ are also independent, and this is probably why Selena was able to pursue her dreams despite coming from a small town in Texas. She wanted to do things that weren’t considered traditional for women in her day, and she achieved those goals through her own strength.

Selena is a shining example of an Aries who followed her dreams and realized her potential. Her Arian spirit and strong boldness provided her with the courage and ambition, needed to excel in the music industry and become a true cultural icon. By embracing her zodiac sign, Selena was able to accomplish incredible things and become an icon for generations to come.

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