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What Star Sign is Seth MacFarlane?

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Seth MacFarlane was born on October 26th, 1973 and is a Scorpio. Scorpio is an intense, passionate sign, born with an insatiable curiosity and an urge to dive deeply into any subject they encounter. Intensely creative, they are also highly tuned into their intuition and are excellent problem-solvers.

Seth MacFarlane is an American animator, comedian, actor, film writer, and producer, best known for creating the hit show “Family Guy”. He was born and raised in Kent, Connecticut, and developed an early interest in drawing. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied film and animation; after graduating, he wrote and produced a pilot for the Cartoon Network that would eventually become the show “Family Guy”. The show has since run for over 20 seasons and is one of the highest rated animated shows of all time.

He has since gone on to create and write for other shows such as “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show”, and has also ventured into feature films such as the popular “Ted” series. His animation style has often been imitated and he has won multiple awards for his work, including an Emmy for his voice-over work in “Family Guy”. Seth MacFarlane continues to be an artful and creative force in the entertainment industry.

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