What Is Shelton Benjamin’s Zodiac Sign?

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What Is Shelton Benjamin’s Zodiac Sign?

Shelton Benjamin is a professional wrestler who was born on July 9, 1975, making him a Cancer. Those born under the sign of Cancer are known for having a very intuitive and compassionate nature. They also have a deep and strong sense of loyalty, and a close connection to their families and loved ones. These traits have served him well in his professional life, where loyalty to his team has been essential for any success he has had. This zodiac sign is known for being great problem-solvers, a skill which has been invaluable in helping Benjamin to search for solutions which benefit all parties involved.

Shelton hails from Orangeburg, South Carolina and was inspired to pursue a career as a professional wrestler while watching WWF superstar and South Carolina native, Ric Flair. He would later cross paths with Ric Flair for a number of times as a part of teams such as Evolution and The Four Horsemen, demonstrating his Cancerian loyalty to his team. After graduating from Orangeburg Wilkinson high school in 1993, he received a collegiate-level training for professional wrestling at the SCW wrestling school.

He made his professional debut as “Stamford Slade” in the year 1995 and would later go on to wrestle in various promotions such as “Power Pro Wrestling” and “Smoky Mountain Wrestling”. His wrestling career highlights include winning over 50 titles in various promotions around the world, and becoming a two-time Intercontinental Champion and a one-time Tag Team Champion in the WWE. His real success came when he formed the tag team “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” with Charlie Haas. The pair won the World Tag Team Championships twice and were known for their innovative in-ring technique which was later picked up by other wrestlers. During this time, Benjamin’s Cancerian traits really shined through, as his loyalty and problem-solving skills allowed him and Haas to overcome any obstacle they ran into.

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Shelton Benjamin’s Cancerian traits have served as the bedrock of his wrestling career, allowing him to successfully navigate the ever-changing wrestling scene. Whether it’s through his deep sense of loyalty to his team and his family or his problem-solving skills, Shelton Benjamin has proven himself time and again to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

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