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What is the Star Sign of Shirley Temple?


Shirley Temple was born on April 23rd, 1928, making her a determined, passionate and strong-willed Aries. The sign of Aries is known for its enthusiasm, leadership qualities and its pioneering spirit, all attributes that accurately describe the legendary actress. Growing up in California, Shirley Temple was a natural born star, captivating the nation with her singing, dancing and adorable smile.

As an Aries, Shirley Temple was driven, ambitious and unafraid of challenges. She had a passion for acting from a young age and went on to become the biggest box office star of 1934, leaving an imprint now known 78 years later as the Shirley Temple notoriety. As one of the top teen stars of the 1930s, she charmed the nation quickly due to her endearing and magnetic personality. She did not seem phased by her precocious fame, though, proving her Arian qualities to always thrive under pressure and maintain her strong composure.

California was an incredibly inspirational place for young Shirley to grow up, offering lots of warmth and creativity, likely further encouraging Shirley’s dynamic independence and love of performance. As the first Hollywood child star proclaimed by the public, Shirley quickly became a role model. Her sheer determination, passion and enthusiasm to attract audience members was equally reflected in her diligence when it came to pursuing her career, showing off her Aries tenacity.

Tracing Shirley’s life back to her astrological sign, it is still easy to see why she was so successful. With her forthright and pioneering spirit, Shirley embodied the character traits commonly associated with an Arian. Her determination and courage could have easily have been fuelled by her passion for the performing arts. As an Aries, Shirley Temple was born to chase her dreams and accomplished more than many others ever could.

As a powerful Aries, Shirley Temple left a lasting impression in the form of her undeniable acting success which continues to inspire generations today. Her drive and daring attitude truly made her a formidable force to be remembered as one of the most captivating stars of the silver screen.

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