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What is the Star Sign of Solomon?

Solomon’s birthday is April 7th and his zodiac sign is Aries. Aries is known for being driven and passionate, and Solomon stands proudly in that tradition. He grew up with a deep respect for the creativity of the natural world around him, an enthusiasm for learning, but also a strategic mindset.

Aries is the first of the astrological signs, the start of the wheel of horoscope. It symbolizes the start of something new, a primal blaze of energy and a can-do attitude. Solomon brought that enthusiasm into his go-getter approach to life, growing up as a leader in school, sports teams, and clubs. He was always driven to reach for his goals and make things happen. His focus on leadership and self-startership did not go unnoticed; after high school he earned a leadership scholarship to study copywriting in college.

His strong interest in how the natural world works was inspired by growing up surrounded by nature in his hometown in rural Nebraska, and his passion for copywriting was fueled by his creativity and his strategy-centered mindset. When Solomon graduated from college, he began writing copy for various companies — ranging from smaller Non-Profits to larger corporations. He was always moved to write for organizations he had a connection to, such as the Elderly Living Community, a non-profit focused on providing those in the later stages of life a chance to stay strong and independent, which, to Solomon, was a cause interrupting the natural cycle of life. He wrote for the organization with enthusiasm and heart, and his strong, engaging writing skills were noticed by many.

For Solomon, his Aries ambition also showed itself in the kinds of opportunities he sought and took on. He loved working with start-ups and tech companies, taking the risk of a steady paycheck to engage with new types of projects and challenges, to help ideas grow from infant stages to something larger. By focusing on these early projects, he was able to develop his expertise in all facets of the media, from blogging and copywriting, to helping small businesses establish a strong presence online. His experience helped him develop an understanding of all types of businesses and a specialty in digital marketing.

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Solomon is a personification of his astrological sign, Aries. He has a burning, driven passion to make things happen and to learn more about the world around him. In addition to being a digital marketing expert, Solomon is also a mentor and a coach, energizing and inspiring others to reach out and seize opportunities. His Aries influence gives him the ambition and courage to go outside his comfort zone and take on the challenges of life.

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