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What is the Star Sign of Sting?

Sting’s birthday is October 2nd and he was born under the Zodiac sign of Libra. Those born under this sign are known for having a strong sense of justice and fair play, as well as for their natural diplomacy and capacity for compromise. Those born under Libra are generous, kind, Always looking to build harmony among social situations and relationships. They may have a tendency towards being overly-indulgent and too eager to please others. They are dreamers, under the influence of the air element of Aquarius, and have a great sense of creativity, originality, and intellectual curiosity.

Born in Wallsend, England in 1951, Gordon Sumner, or ‘Sting’, was surrounded by fierce working-class culture and spirit early on. This will later be reflected in the lyrics of his songs: he expressed his admiration for the world-weary nature of the coal miner in the hit song “Message in the Bottle”. From the age of 7, after picking up a recorder, Sting began to immerse himself in music from folk to classical to opera, as well as movies, poetry, and theatre. Clearly, this is a classic Libra personality – exploring and merging seemingly disparate cultural forms into something meaningful, with a keen interest in the abstract and the emotional.

In 1977, Sting formed the band that made him famous – The Police. As the lead singer and main songwriter, Sting’s eclectic musical style – ranging from jazz to reggae, and infused with the influence of the great masters – became the spiritual centre of the band which would go on to win six Grammy awards. Outside of The Police, Sting honed his originality and creativity as he launched his solo career; he released his critically-acclaimed, multi-platinum album “The Dream of Blue Turtles” in 1985, with hits like “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” and “Russians”. He has been nominated for 16 Grammys and won 10 of them.

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Sting also had close relationships with many charities, political and environmental; his 1985 hit “We work the Black Seam” was a song he wrote to support the striking British coal workers and he has since used his voice to champion humanitarian work in places like the Amazon Rainforest. Over the years, he has become a voice for human rights and sustainability. Clearly, his underlying emphasis on justice, compromise and collaboration – themes which typify the Libra zodiac sign – lie deep in Sting’s professional pursuits and honourable endeavours.

We can also use astrology to give a fuller picture of the person Sting is. With his main placement being the sign of Libra, the air element guides and lavishly blesses him with its many gifts, such as, renaissance men intellect, artistic creativity and inspired humanitarianism. Libra is also a sign of balance and equilibrium, and Sting has proven his power to fight for justice but also respect social boundaries. We can see this in his music and song writing, which has been said to embody the spirit of meeting in the middle in both physical and spiritual terms: he often offers an alternative, pushing and pushing until he finds the meeting point between different perspectives.

As he turns 70 this year (2020), it’s clear to see the Libra in Sting’s incredible musical career. He has used his exceptional creativity, understanding and empathy as a voice for social change and justice. He has also constantly broken boundaries, making his mark in a variety of art forms and showing his true mastery.

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