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What is the Star Sign of Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15th, 1820, making her an Aquarius. As an Aquarian, she is independent, visionary, and innovative. Reflecting these traits, Susan was born to a prosperous family in Massachusetts and soon became an intensely creative and determined activist and feminist. From a young age she was inspired by the abolition movement and the desire to spread its message to more people.

At the time, the Quaker church was the only religious organization that allowed women to give speeches, making it a primary outlet for her activism. She began traveling around the New England region giving speeches demanding equality for all, something she thought every human deserved. It was often quite a challenge for her as she faced much backlash and discrimination from the audience, but she kept going.

Compared to the traditional feminist beliefs of the time period, Susan was quite ahead of her time. She wanted to create a movement for equal rights for both men and women, visa-vi the suffragist qualities she possessed, making her a remarkable role model. It’s been said that Susan was the first person to use the phrase “equal rights for both sexes”, and her commitment to the movement was unwavering.

Her powerful words inspired and resonated with many, and her ambitions and dedication to the cause soon saw her become the leader of the movement in the US. As a result, she was a key figure in advocating for women’s rights and she was involved in the National Woman Suffrage Association, wrote multiple speeches and articles and formed multiple organizations dedicated to the movement.

The Aquarian spirit in Susan was driven by her strong beliefs, natural creativity, and passionate beliefs. Despite receiving criticism and backlash throughout her life, she was determined to continue her work. This is something that was consistent with her Aquarius energy, as Aquarians are able to stay true to their beliefs no matter how much opposition they face.

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Susan B. Anthony was a remarkable woman and astrology explains the dynamics that allowed her to be a powerful leader and activitist. Her Aquarian sign made her independent, driven, and visionary and as a result, she was able to keep an unwavering commitment to her cause and inspire many others to also join in the fight for gender equality. Her activism created an everlasting legacy of women rights and her life story will continue to be celebrated for many years to come.

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