What Astrological Sign Was T. S. Eliot Born Under?

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What Astrological Sign Was T. S. Eliot Born Under?

Thomas Stearns Eliot, poet and Nobel Prize laureate, was born September 26, 1888, making him a Libra. Astrologically, Libras are known to be diplomatic, balanced, and highly social, always seeking out the company of others, as well as a peaceful, harmonious existence. Reflecting these qualities, Eliot was a cultural leader throughout his life, seeking to find balance in works of art, thought, religion, and living.

Eliot was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to a prominent family from New England. He attended Harvard University, graduating in 1909. His studies focused primarily on philosophy, but it was his passion for poetry that drew him to England in 1914. After a brief time performing clerical work, Eliot began experimenting with the writing of poetry and entered into the avant-garde literary circles of London. Influenced by the imagist and symbolist movements of the early 20th century, Eliot brought his own very distinct style of writing to the typical expat scene of London.

Despite the difficulties of the post-war period, Eliot’s artistic output remained constant. His use of irony and satire, his boldness in expressing opinions, and his exploration of psychological depths all made him stand out amongst his peers. It is this willingness to confront difficult topics that truly set Eliot apart. He used a variety of literary genres to explore the connection between faith, art, and individual conscience, often examining the themes of death and suffering in his work.

Eliot’s ethos truly reflects the Libra sign. Libra is an air element and is deeply focused on obtaining harmony and balance in relationships, art, and philosophy. Similarly, Eliot sought to reconcile the seemingly divergent realms of abstract thought, social regulations, and personal conscience in his work. He was highly critical of modern society and all of its failings, but he was also of the firm belief that “the poetry, the language, and the thought can be harmonized and brought into balance.” This philosophy was fundamental to his writing.

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The same sense of balance between order and chaos and good and evil was central to Eliot’s 1921 poetry collection, The Waste Land. This work, widely viewed as a masterpiece, pushed the boundaries of modernist poetry and helped form the foundation of the modernist movement. As a Libra, Eliot had a natural affinity for crafting works of art that blended multiple themes and ideas. His ability to balance opposing forces in his writing gave it a unique sense of structure and harmony.

Throughout his life, Eliot remained profoundly interested in Christian faith and was known to combine spiritual and secular themes in many of his works. He sought to reconcile the spiritual and the material, Christianity and atheism, and tradition and progress in his writing. Libra is known as a sign of peace, balance, and harmony and Eliot’s literary endeavors embody this quality. His appreciation for the meditative nature of long and introspective written works, often supported by the influence of spiritual concepts, are signatures of a Libra.

Eliot’s work is still being studied and appreciated to this day, and his multidimensional writing clearly demonstrates the many faces of the Libra sign. He was able to use his sense of balance to create exquisite works of art and he continually sought out harmony between opposites in order to achieve peace and understanding. Eliot’s life and work serve as an excellent example of the qualities associated with his zodiac sign: a diplomatic yet precise approach to difficult topics, a firm belief in the power of harmony and balance, and a strong appreciation for the spiritual side of life.

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