What is Takeshi Kitano’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Takeshi Kitano’s Zodiac Sign?

Takeshi Kitano, one of Japan’s most prominent filmmakers, was born on January 18, 1947, making him a Capricorn. As a Capricorn, Kitano is known for his ambitious, disciplined, and hard-working approach to life. He is both independent and highly organized, traits which have clearly served him well throughout his career and life. His loyalty and dedication to his craft and artistic endeavors have yielded impressive results.

Kitano was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and from the outset of his life, he was in pursuit of a career in the arts. At the age of 12, Kitano joined a theater troupe, and later attended the Tokyo University of the Arts to study literature and drama. After college, he moved to work in television as a comedian, but later shifted to a career as a film director and screenwriter. Being a part of the New Wave of Japanese Cinema, Kitano pushed boundaries with his unique and daring styling throughout his career. His work garnered international attention, earning him several awards and acclaim.

The characteristics of a Capricorn can easily be seen in his work and his style. First and foremost, his work is distinguished for its attention-grabbing, often violent stories. His films often center around Japanese yakuzas and gangs, and combine a blend of light-hearted and dark themes. Kitano’s goal was to provide the audience with a glimpse of reality, be it the harshness of certain yakuza films or the satirical and comedic objectives of his other works. He was not afraid to break Japanese convention and push boundaries with his films. Kitano’s work also evokes a sense of realism, and he was very particular with his framing and composition in his films. His films gained him respect and admiration in his native country, but also earned him several international awards and nominations. His 1996 film Hana-bi, for which he wrote, directed and starred in, earned him the Gold Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

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Being a Capricorn, the disciplined facets of Kitano’s life and his career have been monumental in earning him success and recognition. Everything from his early education to his acting, writing, and directing career were all the result of his ambition and dedication. As a life-long artist, Kitano embraced the spirit of risk-taking and embraced his craft with a sense of vigor. His combination of hard work and ambition paid off, earning Kitano international and domestic acclaim, as well as contributions to the art of filmmaking.

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