What Is Tarja Turunen’s Zodiac Sign?

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What Is Tarja Turunen’s Zodiac Sign?

Tarja Turunen is a Finnish singer and songwriter, born on 17 August 1977. She is a charismatic Leo, the sign of the proud lion. Leos are often colorful characters: ambitious, passionate, and brimming with life and energy. They especially enjoy moving people and inspiring them to reach their best. This innocent yet ambitious spirit is one that has defined Tarja’s life and career.

Tarja was born in the idyllic environs of Kitee, Finland, and this was her home until the age of three, when she moved with her family to Formia, Italy. During her childhood, Tarja faithfully studied the art of classical singing, particularly opera, and participated in many stage productions. Though she had a passion for music and singing, Tarja had planned to attend university after graduating from high school; however, before entering college, she formed a rock band with three classmates and gave the world its taste of her powerful and versatile voice.

Soon after in 1996, she became the vocalist of the band Nightwish, with whom she released her first album in 1997, marking the start of a successful career. With Nightwish, she enjoyed world tour success and released several more albums, such as Oceanborn (1998) and Century Child (2002). During this period of her life, Tarja thrived living the life of a rock-music star; however, personal conflicts between her and the other members of the band eventually pushed her to resign from the group in 2005.

Tarja immediately shifted to a solo career, and released her first solo album, My Winter Storm, in 2007. With the release of this album, her music underwent a great transformation, and she embarked on a new musical journey. It was at this stage in her life that Tarja successfully fused classical music with heavy-metal music. Leos are constantly on the move, never settling in one place; similarly, the creative risk Tarja took in changing her genre and putting out her fierce and strong voice in completely different settings proved that Leos always make sure their presence is known.

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The years that followed saw Tarja releasing several more chart-topping albums, like What Lies Beneath (2010), Colours in the Dark (2013), and The Shadow Self (2016). Her music has also been featured in various films and television shows. Other than music, Tarja is a published author and is involved in several humanitarian initiatives.

Overall, Tarja’s Leo spirit is truly evident in the many different paths she has explored and conquered. As Leos are passionate, driven, and confident, Tarja’s unyielding commitment to music has been inspiring to many. The Leonian pride and determination have served her well in her ambitious and successful career, as those born under the sign of the lion will never settle for anything less than their highest aspirations.

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