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What is Thomas More’s Zodiac Sign?

Thomas More was born on February 7th, 1478 in London, England and as such, his zodiac sign is Aquarius. As an Aquarius, More was an intellectual and deep-thinker. He was incredibly driven and passionate, often following up whatever he was interested in with a great deal of enthusiasm. He was highly intelligent and had a strong sense of justice, both traits that are often associated with Aquarians, as they are known for their rebellious and principled nature.

More was born into a successful London family and was educated at a young age, attending St. Anthony’s School in London and then Oxford University. From a young age, he was curious and invested in learning as much as he could on a variety of subjects. He studied mathematics, music, and the classics, writing essays and displaying a natural proclivity towards education. He read the works of the ancient Greeks and Roman, particularly Cicero, in addition to St. Augustine. It took More only two years to complete his education at Oxford, and he was admitted to parish of All Hallows at Ageld to study law.

While astrologically an Aquarius is known for their intelligence, More was far more than merely physically intelligent. His natural intellectual curiosity was also accompanied by a strong sense of social awareness and social justice. Aquarians are known for their combination of rebellious, independent spirit and highly developed sense of justice. This combination showed in his life: after coming from a rather affluent background, More chose early in his life to reject wealth and instead heavily advocate for the poor, in many cases using his own finances to provide shelter and aid. This sense of justice stayed with him throughout the course of his life, and was ultimately a feature that led to either his downfall or his death, depending on perspective.

More also had an unshakable commitment to his faith and his beloved Roman Catholic Church. While Aquarius is often depicted as having an individualistic and independent spirit, this astrological sign is also known to have devotion to principles and interests that go beyond themselves and can be incredibly committed to the people and causes they believe in. In the case of More, this was especially true – his faith was the one thing that he held as absolute and unshakeable.

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Ultimately, the combination of More’s astrological traits – an intelligence, sense of justice, and independent spirit – enabled him to pursue his ambitions and intellectual pursuits. He won prizes for oratory, studied law and history, and was an accomplished writer, with his book Utopia becoming a prominent work in philosophy and political thought. In 1521, he was knighted for his service in political affairs and was ultimately henceforth referred to as Sir Thomas More. However, his commitment to his faith and the principles he believed in ultimately led to his fall from power and to his execution in 1535. While his life may have ended prematurely, his spirit and astrological traits enabled him to secure his legacy as one of the most famous and most remarkable people in history.

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