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What is the Zodiac Sign for Tia Carrere?

Tia Carrere, born January 2, 1966, is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, making those born under it independent, enthusiastic, versatile and full of life. It is the sign of the teacher, the traveler, and the dreamer – making those born under this sign characterized by enthusiasm and a love for life. Tia Carrere perfectly encapsulates all of these traits, as a talented actress, model, and singer, who has found great success in multiple different types of media, while staying true to her wanderlust nature and hunger for experiences.

Growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tia Carrere was one of five children, with a Filipino father and a Chinese-Hawaiian mother. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her love for music at an early age, and by the age of six she was performing in talent shows and beauty pageants. Despite being so young, Tia showed a great affinity for the limelight from a very early age, and eventually gained recognition to attend the Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu, where she focused mostly on performing arts and music. She went on to graduate from the University of Hawaii and even began DJing at local nightclubs.

It was during her college years that Tia’s love of acting began to take flight. She made her first appearance on the big screen in an episode of “Airwolf” in 1984, before going on to star in several television movies and eventually landing her first major role on the ABC sitcom “Growing pains” in 1985. Her star continued to rise, and she would go on to star in the movies like “True Lies”, “The Immortals” and “Wayne’s World”, all of which were great successes at the box office.

Tia Carrere’s career took off over the next few years, with her earning a best actress award in 1993 for her role in the movie “Rising Sun”, and becoming an international film star. She also won two Grammy’s for her song “We’re Unstoppable”, which was released in 1995. With her ever-growing star power, it’s no wonder Tia was also a popular guest on popular talk shows and variety shows during this time.

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Few could have predicted the success Tia Carrere would have achieved thus far. However, her free-spirited, independent, and energetic personality has allowed her to stay true to her passion, inspiring many with her hard work ethic and love of life. All of these characteristics are perfectly associated with those born under the Sagittarius sign- a sign of explorers, adventurers, and those who will never be tied down by anything or anyone. Tia was free-spirited and enthusiastic enough to follow her dreams across continents, and achieve international success while doing so. It is clear that Tia’s astrological sign of Sagittarius was the perfect fit for her, and no doubt played a part in her unstoppable success.

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