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In What Astrological Sign was Tim Allen Born?

Tim Allen is a Virgo born on June 13, 1953. Known as the sign of the perfectionist, Virgos are known to be analytical, precise and dearly committed to their work and the needs of their family. Tim Allen is no exception to this archetype.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Allen grew up in Birmingham, Michigan with five siblings and his parents, Martha and Gerald Allen. Allen grew up during the Apollo space missions, something which probably stirred his already creative imagination, as he went on to make his career in stand-up comedy and acting.

Allen was inspired by the stand-up comedy of comedians such as George Carlin and Robert Klein, and followed in their footsteps when he was 25 by gambling on himself and trading in his business suit for an alien costume for his stage character. It worked, and a few years later he was the host of his own show, the eponymous Tim Allen Show.

In the spirit of his Virgo sign, Allen is dedicated and relentless on his path to success. As such, it seems part of his nature to avoid taking any creative risks what-so-ever, so it may not be surprising that he has chosen to rely on his bread-and-butter string of successful family-friendly films, from The Santa Clause to Wild Hogs. It is perhaps this focus on the tried and true that has made him a Hollywood powerhouse for over two decades.

In a classic Virgo way, Allen is deeply committed to his work and diligent in his business choices. He is also known for giving back to the community, using his name and platform to raise money for various charities, such as The Tim Allen Home for Children in Los Angeles. By traditing in his business suit for an alien costume and rising from a small-time comic to a Hollywood powerhouse within two decades, we can see the hallmark of a classic Virgo: highly focused, tenacious, creative and determined to excel.

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Given his upbrining and career direction, it seems Tim Allen is a Virgo through and through. For someone who grew up in the shadow of the Space Race, Allen’s drive and determination to take his career to the “next level” speaks to his Virgo sign’s desire to keep pushing forward and ultimately master their craft. It’s this desire to perfect his work that likely drives Allen to choose the safer and more lucrative family-friendly projects and avoid higher-risk ventures. But it’s also what allows for his continued success in Hollywood, and for that, we have his astrological sign, Virgo, to thank.

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