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What is the Star Sign of Varg Vikernes?

Varg Vikernes, born as Kristian Vikernes, was born on February 11th, 1973, which makes him an Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign of high energy, intellectualism, and strong individualism. It is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the water bearer. Those born under this sign are typically energetic and inventive, as well as independent, often highly unorthodox, and naturally rebellious. Aquarians are also said to be very good problem-solvers and have a profound interest in many aspects of life.

Varg grew up in Bergen, Norway, a city full of cold winters and temperamental weather. From a young age, Varg was found to be very independent and often isolated from his peers. He has described himself as a loner who never felt like he had a “true place” in society. It might be safe to assume Varg’s individualism expressed itself through Aquarian rebellions and unconventionality, something which would both shape his life and ultimately lead to his later musical career.

Varg was incredibly passionate about metal music and took influence from the likes of bands such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden – bands from the original wave of heavy metal. He later used these inspirations to form his own group, Burzum. Varg’s music was a result of his passion for metal and his philosophical beliefs. He was also very politically active and began to gain more attention for his far-right views and support of the ideology of National Socialism, views which he expressed through his lyrics.

Varg’s sign of Aquarius quickly became synonymous with his outspoken and sometimes violent ways. Aquarians are strong individualists, and often go against traditional thought. As they often go against the grain, many view their actions as rebellious and sometimes extreme. With Varg, Aquarian rebelliousness became a driving force in his life and his music, and it is evident in both his political views and his music.

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Varg enjoyed international success, reaching the top ten on several European charts and establishing himself as one of the most influential figures in black metal. While some may argue that Varg’s way of life was extreme, others recognize him as a pioneer and inspiration for modern metal and extreme forms of music. As Saturn, the ruling planet of Aquarius, governs over ambition and discipline, we can see how Varg’s free-spirit and inventiveness may have served as driving forces behind his creative innovations and later successes.

Despite the sometimes dark path that Varg walked, he has still contributed hugely to the music scene and inspired many musicians in the metal community. His Aquarian traits, such as rebelliousness, individualism, and inventiveness, were all core components in how he formed and expressed his music. These same traits helped him to stay true to himself and his beliefs, no matter the social consequences. They are also what lead him down a successful path in the metal scene and created a lasting legacy of music.

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