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What is the Star Sign of Vincent Price?

Vincent Price was born on May 27, 1911, making him a Gemini. Geminis are symbolized by the Twins, which reflects the inner duality of their sign. Geminis are curious, open-minded, and multi-talented; they often have many interests and love to learn. This fits in with Price’s eclectic career and his love of the arts and sciences.

Price was born in St. Louis, Missouri to a wealthy family. He was inspired by his father who was an attorney; and his mother, the daughter of an Episcopal bishop. Price had the privilege to spend a great deal of his early life immersed in the arts. From sleepovers at the St. Louis Theater to trips to the War Memorial Opera House, Price was exposed to many inspiring experiences.

Price excelled in the classroom and was accepted to Yale University for college. He chose to pursue a degree in English and immediately threw himself into tackling the course load. He edited the campus literary magazine and even joined the school’s drama club. Despite excelling in academics, Price decided to take a break from school and head to Europe with his family to explore a new culture. While studying abroad, Price encountered numerous Renaissance-era artifacts that helped foster a long-lasting fascination with the history of European culture. With his new wealth of knowledge, Price returned to Yale and completed his degree.

After graduation, Price returned to St. Louis to pursue his dreams of opening a museum. His passion for the arts led him to a few notable roles in theatre and film; his first role being in the 1938 movie, ‘Service de Luxe’. But Price was not yet ready to abandon his dream. He worked on a few other successful projects including an art gallery, home restoration business, and even a consulting firm to advise developers on their architectural projects. Eventually, he opened the Vincent Price Art Museum in California in 1973. It was here that Price’s ultimate passion was truly realized.

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While Vincent Price achieved a great number of things during his life, it was his personality traits that really made him stand out. His relentless curiosity, open-mindedness, and love of learning stemmed from his Gemini soul. This sign is known for its deep exploration of the world, and it seemed as though Price had an appreciation for each unique thing he encountered. He would often splash color into his projects, giving it a fun and vibrant feeling that captured both the spirit of the Gemini sign and Price’s unique approach to life.

Price’s life was undoubtedly influenced by his zodiac sign. The combination of his creativity and the spirit of exploration created an atmosphere of fun and unique experiences for audiences to partake in. Each one had its own color and style and many still live on today. Whether through his work in theatre, film, museums, or other projects, Vincent Price’s zodiac sign, Gemini, certainly played a role.

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