What is the Astrological Sign of Wesley Sneijder?

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What is the Astrological Sign of Wesley Sneijder?

Wesley Sneijder is a professional Dutch footballer born on June 9, 1984, who plays for the Qatar Stars League club Al-Gharafa. He is also known by his nickname WES, and his astrological sign is Gemini.

Geminis are natural born communicators, known for having strong intuition along with an ability to engage with people on many different levels. They highly value independence and having a sense of control over their lives. Geminis tend to think and act quickly in their environment, adapted to different situations and will never run out of ideas. Geminis also enjoy the same thing over and over, as it is a way to find comfort and stability in their lives.

Wesley Sneijder is no exception to the qualities of a Gemini. Born in Utrecht, Netherlands on June 9, 1984, Sneijder has had a successful football career – full of hard work and never-ending determination. It was his grandfather who first noted his talent during kickarounds in the street, and encouraged him to pursue a professional career.

Shortly after, Sneijder joined his hometown professional team, AFC Utrecht. It was in this environment that Sneijder learned the importance of communication, team work and following instructions. These traits are not only a part of the Gemini’s personality, but they were also instilled in Sneijder from an early age.

It was also around this time that one of his childhood idols, Ronald Koeman, became a coach at the team. Koeman taught Sneijder how to think on the pitch, move in space, and remain calm. This had a lasting impact on Sneijder, and was a major catalyst for his development as a player. His individual ability to think quickly, and make conscious decisions is a prime example of a Gemini trait.

Sneijder eventually signed with Ajax in 2002, and soon established himself as one of the most important players in the team. His ability to make creative passes, and score crucial goals during important matches, won the heart of the Amsterdam arena and secured his place in the team for more than five seasons. During this period, Sneijder earned recognition, and went on to help the team win several trophies. He received the Dutch Footballer of the Year award in 2003, and four years in a row (2005 – 2008) became the Golden Ball recipient. Infiuenced by Koeman’s experience, Sneijder moved to Spain and signed with Real Madrid in the summer of 2007. Here, he quickly became a star midfielder, and helped the team reach the finals of the Copa del Rey in 2008, where they went on to win.

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As well as being a football star, Sneijder is also an inspiration to many. Known for his humanitarian work through the Wesley Sneijder Foundation and other partnerships, he not only acts as an example of the power of sports, but also of the beauty of teamwork and the importance of having a plan. All of these qualities are traits of a Gemini.

Wesley Sneijder is a prime example of the qualities shared by Geminis – quick thinking, team work, communication, and innovative ideas. Despite growing up in a small town, Sneijder was able torecognize his hidden talents and make something of himself. His successes did not happen overnight, but with dedication, determination and his natural Gemini traits, Sneijder has risen to the top of the football world.

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