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What Star Sign is William Blake?

William Blake was born November 28th, 1757, making him a Sagittarius. Those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are passionate, independent and have the courage to explore new things whenever possible. They are always looking for knowledge and new challenges, and this is reflected in William Blake’s life. He was born in London to a family of middle-class merchants and was schooled in the basics of Latin and Greek. As a child he had an active and creative imagination, and often claimed to experience fantasies and visions of angels and religious figures.

Sagittarius people are often optimistic, highly motivated and pursue their goals with enthusiasm. This is certainly true of William Blake, who followed his dreams and went on to become a successful and well-known poet, artist, and engraver. Although at the time the majority of his works were not well received, he kept creating and his work became increasingly valued over time. Many of his works, such as Songs of Innocence and of Experience, and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, were inspired by literature, imagination, and mythology, reflecting the Sagittarian’s interest in exploring different cultures and religions. His unique artwork, which included painting, printmaking, and engraved mythic figures, made him an internationally acclaimed artist.

William Blake is an inspiring example of a person who fully realized their potential despite little initial recognition. He stayed true to his unique vision and over time, what once seemed to outsiders like flights of fancy and mad ravings, slowly emerged as a cohesive body of classical, biblical, and occult work respected by the world. This speaks to the Sagittarian spirit – to venture out bravely, exploring the world with enthusiasm, and going deep within to bring a wealth of knowledge out for others. William Blake’s commitment to his work and dedication to authentic expression of his thoughts makes him an impressive and inspirational figure.

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