In What Astrological Sign was William S. Burroughs Born?

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In What Astrological Sign was William S. Burroughs Born?

William S. Burroughs was born on February 5th, 1914 and is an Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer. Aquarians are independent and inventive; they are known for their progressive thoughts and pushing towards new heights of excellence. They also tend to be intellectual and have a great sense of humor.

William S. Burroughs was born in St. Louis, Missouri to a wealthy family. His parents encouraged him from a young age to pursue his talents and interests, including writing, something that would remain with him throughout his life. He attended Harvard University, where he studied English and immersed himself in the intellectual world of the arts, particularly the works of James Joyce and T.S. Eliot.

The Aquarius in William S. Burroughs enabled him to excel and be a bit of an eccentric genius; he would later establish himself as a cutting edge poet, writer and artist. In the late 1940s, he moved to New York City to pursue a writing career, surrounded by the Beat Generation of writers and poets such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. It was during this time that he wrote his most acclaimed work, Naked Lunch. Burroughs is often credited with creating the avant-garde literary style known as Beat Writing and introducing a unique and unconventional style of writing which had a major influence on later artists.

An Aquarius is well known for their nonconformist approach and individualism, and this is certainly exemplified in William S. Burroughs’ works. He pushed boundaries and explored seemingly taboo topics such as drug addiction and homosexuality. His writings challenged cultural norms and critiques of traditional morality, presenting his own memorable characters in his works and representing the life of the Beat Generation. He was also an influential figure in drawing attention to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

The Aquarius in William S. Burroughs came alive in his career. His progressive and intellectual style pushed the envelope and influenced the thinking of generations of writers who followed. His works were bold, outlandish and irreverent and he lead the way for a new generation of authors and poets. Burroughs was also deeply interested in astrology, and this likely drove the Aquarian in him further. He was drawn to the unique intersection of creativity and structure that astrology provided, and Burroughs believed that the stars provided a roadmap for those who were attuned to their energies.

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In conclusion, William S. Burroughs’ Aquarian personality was an integral part of his life and art. He was an influential leader in the Beat Generation who pushed boundaries and developed a new, unique avant-garde style of writing and art. He also had an interest in astrology, likely disapproving this part of his character further. The Aquarius in him emphasized his progressive thoughts, his individualism and his inventive approach, resulting in some of the most iconic works of the 20th century.

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